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Hawaii for 15 days

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Hi, I'm going to Hawaii for next June, to visit Ohau, Maui and Big Island (5 days each).
So I wanted to have some information, mainly about housing and its prices.
Thank you.
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Canada General

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Hello all. I had a couple of questions myself, but didn't want a whole thread dedicated to it, so feel free to post your Canadian inquiries here.

I'm going to Ottawa and Montreal next veteran's day weekend. I've been to both back in August and enjoyed them both, however, we only spent half a day in Montreal and pretty much just saw Old Montreal from walking around. Is there anything recommended to do in downtown or other parts? Any good food places to check out? (my friend is obsessed with macaroons). Would appreciate any input.
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Dubai General Thread

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Have any thoughts on Dubai guy's?
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How much stuff does everyone take with them when travelling? Each time I've gone travelling alone (Japan, USA, Israel, Jordan) I take a smallish duffel bag weighing no more than 6kg. My most recent trip to the US lasted 2 months and I managed perfectly fine, and I didn't even wear 80% of the stuff I brought. From now on I'll probably just bring a standard everyday rucksack containing a few changes of underwear and socks, a spare t-shirt, pyjamas, toiletries, second pair of light slip on shoes and miscellaneous stuff like a kindle, my wallet etc.

I guess I'm lucky because I don't sweat or smell much and I shower every day so I generally wear the same outfit every day and wash it at the end of the week. In my experience, it's pretty easy to find places to wash clothes when travelling and it's a lot nicer to travel ultralight and keep all your possessions with you 24/7 than having to lug a massive rucksack/duffel bag around or some suitcase and leaving it in places to collect later.
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Dominican Republic

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going to be chilling on the beach of punta cana but I don't wanna be staying at the all-inclusive hotel all day. Are there certain things I should check out while in DR?
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What are the worst cities in America?
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What's Miami like, /trv/? Sunny paradise? Trashy shithole? I've never been but always been curious.
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What's the best 'big' (300,000 and over) American city to live in?
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My dream trip

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How much time should I allow? What are the biggest health concerns? How should I prepare? I've already started learning Bambara.
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What's the cheapest and safest place I can go to for a drug holiday?
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