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Which of the -stan country's should I visit first

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I Have lived in multiple country's some in SEA and the others in Europe I now want to look a bit more at the middle east as I'm curious in the middle eastern culture (not the shit Ideologies that certain people have adopted)
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/italy/ general

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Sup guys, I'm heading to Milan tomorrow. What's some shit I should check out slash do while I'm there?

If it helps, /lit/ is my homeboard so art & culture recs are v. much welcome
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I'm going to be in Paris for about three days (two full days, two half days) midweek next week. I don't know a ton about Paris. Is there anything I should absolutely do? Places to avoid? Anything to avoid pissing people off as an American that speaks almost no French?

I'm going with someone that used to be very familiar with the city, but it's been 15 years since they've been back.
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Northern Germany

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I'm in Northern Germany right now, staying for about a year. Any suggestions on interesting places to visit? (travel by feet, train, or bike optimal)
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Looking for advice for going to South Korea

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Hey /trv/, I'm considering going to South Korea with a couple of friends next year for 2 weeks. We're thinking about staying in Seoul at the moment and looking to experience the town, go to bars and have a generally chill time. Does this sound like an alright idea or does anyone have any better suggestions and/or tips for what to do? I'm a little afraid of falling into areas that have been too touristified. Would going to a smaller and less popular city be more fun/interesting? Our budgets are fairly limited (around 1600 dollars each) and we have basically no knowledge of Korea outside of PSY and kimchi.

>inb4 just go to japan
I would love to, but one of the guys I'm going going with has recently been there and vetoed Japan, so it's sadly out of the question.

Sorry if the question is too general, I've looked at other places but I don't really trust any tourism sites since they seem to be mostly vetted by dumbos.
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Why is public transportation in japan so damn expensive?

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Me and a couple of friends are going to japan and we are conflicted about going to the countryside or going to the concrete hell of tokyo. We were thinking of solving this by living on the outskirts of tokyo and going by train wherever we´d desire. But looking at the prices that wont work as it is shit expensive. But why? is there some historical background to this? Like the travel ban after senguko jidai? What do you all know?
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Hi /trv/ looking for some advice/assessments of my plan. Going with 3 friends through Malaysia-Taiwan-South Korea-Japan. We're spending roughly a week in each place and a bit longer in Japan (3 of those days in the snow). Our trip is from the 27th of December to the 30th of January. We're mostly staying in Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo during that time.

A few questions-

> Is AUD$3500 enough to live on not counting airfares/accommodation/insurance?

> We're trying to decide between Hakuba or Nozawa Onsen, which one is the better option for skiing and snowboarding? (Including travelling there, etc.)

> Should I learn some Korean beforehand, since I'll be spending 2 days alone there, since my friends want to stay in Taiwan a bit longer

> What is the best way to buy concert tickets (especially in South Korea)?

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in June I move to Paris to work for a year from London. I've never been to France, am 22. What should I prepare for/expect?
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Southeast Asia General

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I'm planning a three week trip to Southeast Asia in December but I don't know where to go.

I'd like to hear any suggestions on where to head if I'm looking for warm places off the beaten path.

I have been to many of the backpacker places already and would like to see something different this time. Are there places in Myanmar for instance that have just been opened for tourists recently?
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i want to visit merida in mexico but then take the bus to other cities or areas. is this wise? where is worth going? places that are not completely broken by the cartels would be nice

not really interested in the north of the country