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Going to Stockholm with over the summer with my family for a week. Recommendations/general tips? Money isn't a huge problem. Also, general Stockholm thread.
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What is there for me to do? Me and gf, btw. Living near the Dohány utcai Zsinagóga.
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We need to save /trv/

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What has this board come to?

>90% of threads are /adv/ material made by people who visit here just once for us to give them free 'places to go' or 'tips'

Other 'general' threads are full of shitposters and idiots asking the same 5 questions over and over again.
I used to love coming here but can't you guys see what for a fucking shithole this board has become?

let's brainstorm and share some ideas on how we can improve /trv/
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Next month, I'll be spending two and a half weeks in Europe. My plane arrives in Athens, Greece and departs back to the states from Zagreb, Croatia. Outside of that, none of my trip has been planned.

Where do I go? (Italy is tempting but I'd prefer to stick to Balkans unless anyone thinks I have time to get a good Italian experience)
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Doing this trip, starting from the bottom of the list, on bike.
Im not really into couchsurfing and stuff like that, so Im going to be staying at hostels most of the time.
Does anyone have any tips on what to see and do on the trip?
Ill try to keep the thread updated if anyone is interested too
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Best/worst hostel stories

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What is your most memorable experience in a hostel /trv/?
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What can I do with $8,000 USD in Thailand?
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So I'm looking to go on a vacation, preferably someplace Scandinavia.
The focus was summer solstice festival/party but anything is possible..
Sometime August-September. The yearly meteor shower would also be awesome.. I also like Astronomy. Ideas?
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Hello, I'll traveling in China for about three weeks and I'd love to have your help forming an itinerary. Right now I have no more planned than flying out to Shanghai in a week.

I've lived in China for a few months so the culture and food is nothing new to me. I'd like to find beauty and novelty and although I'll have more to spend, I'd like to limit my spending to 800 USD or even less just for the sake of saving money. I intend to end my trip sometime in the latter half of July in Taiyuan as I'll be leaving most of my things there so I have a vague idea of going southwest from Shanghai or just west and eventually heading north.

Even though I've lived here for a while, I haven't put in the effort to learn the language but I'm comfortable getting around. I don't mind traveling by train but I'm interested in trying to hitchhike so if anyone has experience doing that in China, please share some tips if there's anything I should know that hasn't already been said in other threads. I'll also be traveling with my instrument and would like to busk in the cities I travel to. I am not sure about the busking laws and of course I'll look it up beforehand, but personal experiences are always more interesting to read about. This is more so I can get more comfortable playing in front of people and to share music rather than to make money so please don't waste your time writing anything harsh--you have better things to do.

Right now I'm thinking of going to Hangzhou for the west lake, Guangzhou for one of the oldest mosques in the world, and Guilin for the scenery. These have caught my attention but they're not necessarily vital for me to see. This trip is mostly for the sake of novelty and inspiration. I've been in a sort of rut lately and experience has taught me that backpacking, even if only for a few weeks, can take care of that. I don't really care too much about where I go but I suppose it's always nice to have a vague itinerary in mind. Thanks in advance.
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Where to go...

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Where are 3 to 5 places rich and abundant with art and beauty that the likes of Hannibal Lecter himself would visit?

For example, Prague perhaps? Certainly Florence. Basically my girl and I want to go somewhere like this in Europe for her birthday.

First time posting on this board so I'm relyin' on you folks.
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