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Im going to be in AUS for a month and id like to fly into New Zealand for a week.

Whats the best all around city to spend a week in? Nightlife and hiking?

As of now I dont have any transportation planned in NZ, so im a bit limited on where i can bounce around to when i get there.
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Moving to Toronto for University.

>How's the public transit? (I'll have about an hour and fifteen minute commute)
>Does the city feel 'cramped'?
>Does it smell bad?
>Where should I start looking for my own apartment? Is it even feasible to do so?
>Any particularly shitty neighborhoods to avoid?
>Is it boring?

Those are just some questions that have been on my mind. If you have anything else I should know go ahead.
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Where would you travel and for how long with £20K?

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/biz/realite here.

I'm 20 years old, English and I have £20,000
Decided I want to spend my entire savings travelling whilst I'm young.
I can earn more money but I cant get my youth or my time back, so fuck it. Besides 20k isnt much, but it would probably be a nice amount for travelling

Where would you go if you if you were me and how long?
I'm going inter railing in Europe first of all, for one month. I then have 2 months before I go back to college so I'm probably going to go somewhere else like straight away, or maybe not even come home.
I'd kinda like to explore somewhere exotic and I heard there are jungle temples in Thailand or something with big golden buddhas. I don't want to research it too much because I want do discover it myself without the internet spoiling it (to a certain extent)
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Im going to Berlin for a week, what should i do there? I will smoke weed, learn some history/culture and maybe go to a concert. what are some cool things to do there like museums and so on? I would like to see a local punk band or something like that, and just any weird "alternative" shit there is to do there. Any tips?

Also does anyone know about a cheap hotel with good location?
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How can I run away to Japan?

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Basically I want to become a hobo in Japan. I'm sick of my home country, all the people around, the society, the entertainment here, the politics, the weather, the scenery, IM SICK OF EVERYTHING!!! I just wanna run away so bad but I don't have too much money at the moment. Someone tell me how much money I'll need to start my hobo journey. Im fine with sleeping manga cafes, capsule hotels, a box, just anything where I can have a place to lie down and some sort of roof on top.

And dont talk to me anything about getting more educated. Ive done high school but Im sick of education and Im not gonna study 1 day more. I can talk a little bit of japanese.

PS: If ur here to tell me how stupid my idea is then go ahead but Im not gonna change my mind
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Anyone have any upcoming trips? I am leaving tomorrow for Kiev and Tbilisi.

>Pic related

Just connecting in Munich with my final stop in Kiev.
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Merano Alps or Dolomites?

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You are in Merano. You have three days to do day hikes in late September. No car. Relying on public transit. After the three days you must transit to Venice.

Option 1: Spend 3 more days in the Merano area, do day hikes, maybe stay in refugio? Depart to Venice from Merano.

Option 2: 5 hour train ride to Cortina (or surrounding village) from Merano. Day hikes around Cortina, or refugio to refugio. Depart to Venice.

Looking to avoid crowds. Looking to reduce the amount of time riding busses. Looking for refugios that will be open that time of year. Looking for the best views.
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Hey /trv/!

I'm flying from Detroit to Mexico City in late June. A little under a month later I'll be jetting back out of the capital to JFK, where I'm taking a flight to a country in Africa.

In total, I have 25 days in Mexico. I earn about $600 per month from a freelance writing contract and am hoping to pick up another client before I leave. My tentative budget for Mexico is between $30 and $40 per day. I plan to stay in hostels, budget hotels, and eat cheap food.

Honestly, I'm not sure where I should go in a month in Mexico. The only two places I've been recommended are Teotihuacan and Puebla, both of which I plan on hitting. While I am fairly adventurous, I'd prefer to avoid narco-infested areas.

Interested in nature (hiking and camping, but I'm not bringing a tent), meeting local peoples and learning about Mexico's history and politics, and eating good food. Marginally interested in nightlife but am generally pretty introverted.

If anyone knows a good place to rent motorcycles for a fair price in Mexico City or on a safe part of the coast, that'd be amazing. Would be happy to break my budget for a few days on a bike (learned to ride in India and have biked Nicaragua and parts of Turkey; have had my endorsement for a few years in the U.S., so not worried about traffic too much).

Happy for any suggestions!

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Has anybody here ever taken an Amtrak train? How was it? I have read that you smell diesel fumes and it's an awful experience
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What are the best cities for solo travel?
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