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What's the best casino for someone who's never been to Vegas before? Preferably one of the ones with a specific theme ala Luxor or Caesar's Palace

And of course one that isn't too expensive, but what's considered the overall best casino in Vegas?
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Travelling during christmas/new years

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What are the best countries to visit during christmas and new years? also feel free to share your travelling stories during that period
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My favorite travel show clip ever is Huell Howser at the Bagdad Cafe, which despite its name is somewhere in the Mojave Desert.

Everyone in the video is a character. I especially like General Bob, who seems legitimately angry to be interviewed.
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I'm thinking about leaving the USA to save on taxes. Should I?
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is Seattle a good place to get laid in? trying to lose my virginity
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Hello fellow travellers. First time in Barcelona. Perhaps you could advice decent brothels in Barcelona, Spain with good looking girls? Looking for something for up to 150eur for 1 hour of decent service.
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Anyone here been to Cancun, Mexcio? Or Tulum? Any recommendations for places to visit?
Mostly planning on just chilling at the beach and driving to Chichen Itza. Any other places close by worth checking out?
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do i need the jab or a negative corona test if i want to use a hotel in germany, austria and italy?
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Korean Model in Europe

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I model for some Korean clothing companies, and I'm a Korean citizen that has spent a lot of time overseas in the USA and Canada.

I basically look like pic related. I'm over 6 foot and I'm not really intimidated by Euro manlets.

I want to basically go score with Euro Women during this Covid stuff. I'm looking for a place that fetishizes Kpop so I can play off the whole Oppa bull shit and get laid as much as possible. Any other Asians or Europeans that can tell me what a good country to visit during this period is where a bunch of white womynz will lose their shit if I put on a little eye liner?
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Tourists taking smiling selfies at Auschwitz

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It seems inappropriate in my opinion. I saw many young ladies posing for photoshoots with their designer gear and luxury handbags in front of the railway lines and the "arbeit macht frei" sign. Are these tourists fully aware of the horrific inhumane events that took place here? Surely there are other locations better suited to fish for Instagram likes. It takes a special type of self-absorbed thot to visit the location of a genocide and think "how can I make this about me?"