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Madrid Thread

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Hey, long story short, i'm going to Madrid, Spain next weekend and would like you guys n gals to suggest me places to go and must-go monuments/tourist points. Also, if there's stuff I should know about places to avoid, It'd be very much appreciated

In order to get more accurate info: Im 20, staying for 4~5 days, studying engineering, going with a college group around 7 people, looking for monuments/museums/nice landscapes/nice and productive routes/stuff that madrid is known for (preferably good stuff).

Thanks in advance
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Business class addiction?

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Who else is addicted to flying business class? Full flat bed and sipping champagne.

Booked 14 hour flights with turkish airlines business in september. My longest flights (of 300+ total) so far.

I only book business class special offers however. This shit is just too expensive otherwise.
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Looking for final suggestions for my trip

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25yo male from the US traveling Solo for the first time. Trying to get in some last minute planning to get an Idea of what I want to see or do when. I will be leaving May 9th for 7 days in Europe. I will be landing in Amsterdam around noon the 10th. Fly out of Amsterdam into Berlin at 9am the 13th. Bus to Quedlinburg Morning of the 14th and come back to berlin the 15th and head home at noon the 16th. Just looking for more ideas to fill my days. Not too big into Art so not worried about seeing art galleries but super historical works could be cool. Im more interested in Military and Cultural history. Not too big on partying and drinking, but a drink is nice every now and then. I travel for experiences not pleasure. Any lesser known spots to see and Ideas for restaurants to check out or places to avoid would be appreciated!

Amsterdam Plans: May 10, 11, 12
- Staying in The Flying Pig Downtown Hostel
- Vrolik museum
- Canal tour
- Red light district (Just to say I was there)
- verzetsmuseum
- nieulandmuseum
- Wynand Fockink Jenever bar
- Possible trip to Haarlem/IJmuiden to see WW2 bunkers on beach if time allows
- rent a bike to enjoy the real bike infrastructure we dont have in the US

Berlin Plans: May 13,15,16

- Staying in Generator Hostel Mitte
- Reichstag
- Museum island
- Berlin wall
- Spandau Citade
- German Historical museum
- anhalter bahnhof
- Berliner unterwelten
- DDR Museum

Quedlinurg plans: May 14 & 15
- Staying at DJH Youth Hostel
- Explore the town and take pictures
- Castle Hill
- Scholoss museum
- Munzenberg museum
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How do you thwart pickpockets?
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canadian looking for work in europe

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So i'm tired of living in canada i find it a very boring country and want to go abroad. I'm hoping to get some answers here to my questions.

I was planning to go to france and start looking for a job with a tourist vista. I'm a certified welder with 5 years experience.

So basically i have no idea what to do exactly.

I have to find someone to hire me and this person will also help me get a better vista?

if i don't find a job within 3 months can i just go to Belgium or somewhere else and start looking there for a job?

How does a tourist vista work exactly?
Can i just switch from country to country when it expires and come back after a year?
This way i could just backpack europe all summer from country to country looking for a job?
And if i find one i could get a permanent vista for working?

pls respond
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Peru or Ecuador?

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Hey all,

I'm going to Mexico, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and a handful of other places from June through January. I've decided to see another country at the beginning of May, after my semester finishes and I'll have fewer hours at work.

I want to go somewhere which is economical to visit and can be done on a budget. Peru and Ecuador both have fairly cheap fares from Detroit, ranging between $350 and $500.

Does anyone have a recommendation on which to chose? I know they're both inexpensive destinations but otherwise I'm drawing a big blank.

Anyone been to one or the other or both? Just looking for some simple opinions to help me make up my mind. Will post my ticket on Friday or Saturday after I decide.

Probably going from about May 6th through the 20th, working for a month, and then embarking on my other trip on June 26th.
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What is the worst US state to travel to?

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Personally, my top picks would be;
-North Dakota

What do you think?
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Ehi anon,

I would like to travel to Sarajevo with my 3 friends by car from Italy.

One of my friend is transexual (FtM). He is a guy but his name on the passport is still a feminine one.

Are we going to have trouble at the border or in the country?

Thank you very much for any help. I really care about this trip.
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how to get to another world

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i just hate humanity right now, how can i leave?
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