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What's your greatest "Okay, this is epic" moment while traveling?
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we've got a thread for bad airlines...what about a thread for good airlines? that for one reason or another stand out above the pack?
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Guys I had a real problem with kiwi
Ive heard lots of people have issues with imposible self transfers, cancelations and delays.

I had a flight Alicante-Delhi-Kathmandu
when I arived in Delhi they told me that the flight the connecting flight was no longer available and I had to book an expensive Delhi-Kathmandu flight on the spot because I didn't have an indian Visa

How would I go about getting compensated?
Am I covered by the EU laws because the flights were all on one ticket and I left from the Eurozone?
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I just drove across the United States, east to west. I’m pretty disappointed, contemplating suicide, and out of money. I’m a 21 year old female from the Midwest. I have been trying to gascan my way out of here, I don’t really know what else to do at this point. Yeah I know my hands are kind of gross
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USA Route

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I'm planning a USA road trip in November/December but not sure what route to take. I want to see LA/SF/Yosemite/Vegas/Grand Canyon but not sure where to go from there. I want to see the south and particular New Orleans and finish up in Florida before flying to NY or Boston. I have about 5 weeks in total of which at least one would be in the north east. I get that it is a long way to drive but I have no problem with driving 500+ miles in a day if I need to. Suggestions?
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How do you sleep on the plane? I have a 22 hour total flight soon. But i always have trouble sleeping.
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Can i go from Qatar to Dubai?

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I'm visiting Qatar in few months and i also want to go to Dubai when i'm there. I know that Qatar has some diplomatic problems with some GCC countries but i dont know if that applies to foreigners?
Pls help.
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Is Iran one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world?
By that I mean it offers so much despite people's reluctance to go there due to its image in the West?
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Expatriating Careers

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Besides ESL, which many on here don't consider a "real" career what are some other careers that expats are in?
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Might go to Morocco in a month any tips?
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