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Where can I go in Russia to meet hot wimmenz who want to marry a rich American?
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What country/region has the best/least expensive seafood? I'm unironically addicted to salmon, lobster, caviar etc
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I apologize in advance and know that this thread has already been made a hundred billion times, but I need help.

I live in China. Until now I've lived in Beijing so finding cheap flights from my local airport in the US has been quick and easy. My problem now is that I'm moving to a very small city in China (that has a local airport) but it's very difficult to find a reasonable price for this flight. The closest big airport is O'Hare.

Should I be using English websites to go to Beijing and then booking flights through Chinese websites from Beijing to my local city? This is my first time going to a small city in Asia so I'm wondering if there are any tricks to finding a reasonable price for these kinds of flights.
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Hey /trv/ , first time posting on this board.

Looking to travel to Los Angeles sometime soon and was wondering the best place to get somewhere to stay where i will be safe, also just any tips about going there and what to expect
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How the fuck does somebody go about moving from the UK to the USA?

It doesn't have to be permanent (I know getting married is the go to easiest way for that), I just wanna go there for a solid period of time and still be able to work (work visa or some shit). I'm no genius, I have no substantial skills, i'm just an average Joe sick of living in Britain. Here's my stats:

>22 years old
>Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology
>No medical problems etc
>General work experience you would expect from a guy of my age
>No real savings (still living with my parents, who are pretty well off if that matters)

Shit just seems so complicated yet the amount of Mexicans and clearly low skilled people I see migrating to there just makes me wonder how they do it.

So /trv/, help a brother out here.
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Guess that location game

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Post OC content only so people can't cheat.
Look for clues such as vegetation, architectural styles, and geology.
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Is Romania worth visiting?
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American opinion of spain and spanish

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What's your opinion about spain and its people?
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I want to go to switzerland. What places should I visit the most?
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/cg/ - China General

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There's So Many Places to Go Edition

I found this on (You)Tube:

I might post some interesting train routes later this week. I'd like some feedback on them. They're based on the Yellow River, Yangtze River and the Pearl River, respectively.
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