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Are there any good reasons not to move to Canada other than landscape and weather? (political, cultural or wildlife issues) Asking for a friend.
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It’s Friday here in Japan and I’m thinking about going to Yokosuka to the Honch. Never been there before, is it a good time or just a bunch of hype?

Any hot women hang out there or is it just a bunch of drunk sailors?
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What's the worst city you've lived in

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What are the most ghetto places you guys ever lived? How was the experience overall for you and what perspective do you have over everything. I'll start
>Desert Hot Springs
>San Bernardino
>Los Angeles(valley area)

Honestly I like living in the ghetto. It's not as bad as a lot of people online think it is. San Bernardino is pry my favorite out of all of them though.
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Being denied entrance

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Hello, I have an issue that being at the back of my head for a while. I’m Mexican and need a visa to enter the us. So last year I tried to enter to the US with a visa that was going to expire on two months, my plan was spend a month there and then leave, but at the airport I got detained because the Customs and Border agents thought my plan was to look for a job during my stay because they found some old conversation with a friend about the subject. Anyway, I can’t go back to the US for a while now. My problem now is I’m planning to go to Europe to travelt and since I’m probably in a black list I could be denied entrance as well.

My questions is that could it be possible that they check a global database and find out I being wrongly accused but still don’t let me in?
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India General

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Samefag with yet another /IndiaGeneral/ -- 'Go to Chhattisgarh' edition.

I've just arrived back to the United States after my eighth visit to India. Spent about two years in New Delhi and have covered most states aside from the Seven Sisters. I'm more than happy to answer any questions about the NCR and travel in South Asia, especially in the northern tracts of the subcontinent.

What I can't answer, hopefully others can.

Will not respond to troll-tier "poo in the loo!" posts.
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finding a significant other while traveling

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have any of you found your significant other or current partner while traveling?

I ask because I want to meet someone that wants to be with me and that I want to be with
I believe the easiest / most effective way of doing so is to be traveling around the place
I'm want to get a van and live in it
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Staying in Antigua

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Hey /trv/, I'm going to be staying in Guatemala (Antigua to be more specific) for two months this summer for a grad school internship. My main concern is for my safety and the safety of the two other students I'm going to be staying with. I've done some research on forums and read state travel advisories which have only given me some pretty basic and obvious advice. I haven't come across any horror stories or anything and I really don't know much about Guatemala to begin with, but some of the info I have seen has warned about tourist safety while in Guatemala. Am I blowing things out of proportion and just being a lil' nervous nelly, or are there legitimate concerns about traveling to Antigua and it's surrounding areas? One of the students I'm traveling with is a woman, so I was wondering if she would need to take extra precautions.

Also, I'd appreciate any other non-safety related advice.
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Are you obsessed with a culture other than your own?

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I know probably as much about China stuff as someone almost done with a Bachelor's in it, I read about China almost everyday and can speak/write basic Mandarin. Am I just obsessed because China is so awesome? I am very obsessed and plan to teach English there once I'm fluent in the language.
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Just arrived in Japan and found a furnished apartment to rent. I’m signing a six month contract and they allow me to pay with credit card instead of bank transfer. Here’s my question...

If this expat job doesn’t work out for whatever reason and I want to go home early, can I just leave? Would there be any legal ramifications?

Can the landlords find a way to make me pay from Japan if I’ve returned to my home country?

I don’t anticipate this however and I don’t plan on skipping out on my lease, it was just something I was curious about in case things don’t work out like I hoped. Thanks.