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China General

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I'm heading to China to complete an intensive short term study in Shanghai in January. If I have classes M-Th will I have enough time to see Shanghai over the 4 weeks?
I've then got an extra 3 weeks for travelling. Anywhere you'd recommend? So far I'm thinking Beijing, Xi'an and Harbin. I'd like to see rural China too, any recommendations of where to go?

China general also
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Australia 6-month trip!

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wassup /trv/, only been here once and you didnt let me down then - im a canadian moving to australia for 6 months cause fuck the canadian winter & why not right?

got a few questions, as ive never done a long trip before, and you all have:
>is living in a van/ vehicle realistic?
>is the farm work REALLY that hard? i work in forestry through canadian winters - im no pussy.
>whats the music scene look like?
>light packing tips? what will i need in everyday life?
>piracy laws? basically gonna live off my laptop and i torrent a lot.
>hows the hottie backpacker game? im looking mainly for pussy lets be honest
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Me and a friend are planning a long road trip around as much of America as we possibly can for 3-4 months, how much money should we have together before hand and any hidden gems to visit along the way?
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Afraid of skiing

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Anyone had troubles skiing and overcame it?

Last year me and my boyfriend went to northern Italy for winter holidays. He skiies his whole life, for me it was the first time. I know he had big hopes about this whole thing, that this will turn into our mutual habit, but I just hate it. It feels so unnatural. I can't control anything while wearing skis, I can't even walk properly in them, not to mention anything else.

I tried jut letting go, remembering main principles and going downwards. Almost fell off the cliff. I started panicking, I wasn't able to control speed nor direction, it was a horror for me.
I'm not even able to use those ski lifts that force you to stay still with your skis on. My legs go in different directions and I fall down.

I think the main problems for me are:
- being afraid of heights,
- being afraid of speed,
- not being able to control what my legs are doing (each time I try to stop I just go faster, even though I know, in theory, what should I do to slow down).

I'd really like to ski with my partner and not be such a let down. I saw kids doing that, it can't be that hard. Anyone had similar problems?
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Tips for being a backpacker/traveler in the US?

I want to do this for a while, but it seems to be a little harder to do in the US versus Europe. I’ll probably be on the west coast mostly.
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Wife Hunting- Build a barbie

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Murican here.
I am moving from one of the least affordable cities in america lib fag land, but with shitty jobs+ tons of mexicans, to a rural but really nice area of Washington State.

This is about 2:30 hours to Seattle or Tacoma, but really nice weather and cheap homes.

The problem is the more rural you go in the USA, the less desirable it is for women 20s-40s, so I am going to get a mail order bride.

Colombia, Ukraine, Romania and Chinese are my go to options for ease of visa.

Chinese definitely seem to be the most respectable decent of the bunch, but I do not like small breasts... How easy will it be for me to find a sexy chinese woman, and make her get C cups or D cups?

Colombian, Romanian and Ukranian women all get breast surgery at the age of 18, but chinese seem to not want to get it...

Honestly, I just want to find a sexy obedient female between the ages of 18-24, and give her $10,000 worth of plastic surgery in South Korea or Phillippines, and then marry her if the surgery turns out well.

Colombian and Ukranian women seem to want to be turned into plastic barbie dolls, but is there any kind of asian (preferably not south asian) that expects to be turned into a big titted wife barbie doll?

Have any tips?
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Hong Kong is a great place for solo-travel, food and shopping. Not that anyone here cares for branded goods though.
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London Rock Scene

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I'll travel to London on January and I'm interested in knowing how is the London Rock Scene. What to see and where to go?
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Korea Thread

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Could we have a Korea thread / Korea general? I have a lay over in Incheon and had some questions...
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Moscow and St Petersburg

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Going on a trip this summer to Russia (Moscow and St Petersburg) wuth my family. which city is better for a family trip? How is the English of the local people? How expensive are stuff there? Hows the local food? Also rec some nice places to visit .
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