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First big international trip

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Planning on travelling around mid year next year for 1-2 months assuming the economy / world hasn't collapsed by then. Have narrowed it to Japan / Thailand and Europe. Budget will be about 10k usd. Was thinking of doing Tokyo or Kyoto for like a week and then go to Thailand for 1 month or so. If Europe I was gonna start in Ireland and spend my time in cities / towns moving east to around czech. I'm mid 30s and don't really wanna party 24 / 7 but more interested in natural / cultural sites, hiking, sites seeing and such. Maybe an escort once a week or so and drinking maybe once or twice a week. Does my budget look good and where would you guys suggest for my first big international trip ? I've done some smaller trips to like Bahamas and Canada / Mexico before but never really left North / Central America.
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Countries you've been to + are going to soon

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Fill in with paint, photoshop, etc.
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Where should I solo-travel in Asia?

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So after being locked in for 2 years, I'm finally able to travel again without any quarantine restrictions.

So far, I have Thailand, Taiwan, or Japan on my list of places to solo-travel for 10 days. If you got 10 days to be alone in a different Asian country, which one would you choose?

Cooming is a consideration but not ultamitely important, I just want to gtfo out if my city and just vibe in a new environment.
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Germany this winter

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Is it a bad idea to go to Germany this November/ December? Work wants to send me, but I don’t want to freeze to death.
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What cities in Europe are actually worth visiting?

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I'm going to europe sometime soon and it's probably going to be the only time I'll ever get to visit it in my entire life

What are the absolute must sees? I keep getting wildly varying answers from Google/YouTube/Reddit

Some things that stand out to me are Rome, The French Riviera, Florence, Ghent, the Italian Riviera, and Prague
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Have airport staff every actually scanned your PCR test? Every time I've travelled they haven't, and I'm strongly considering just photoshopping it this time.
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Is Kenya a good place for babies first africa trip?
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Live your myth in Greece
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Is He Dead?

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Does anyone have experience with long one way flights with no layovers? I am looking to fly from London to Perth on the one way flight on my own. I was born in UK, moved to WA at 8, then back to UK at 17, realized its a shithole, now planning on going back. I'm a pretty bad social retard who has trouble in public and social scenarios, is this too much of a task for me to take on my own? Is the one way better than layover?
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