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5 Reasons Why Chinese Tourists Are So Rude

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1) Scarcity and lawlessness in their country has resulted in the need to prioritize one’s interest to survive

One of the main reason why Chinese tourists have earned a bad reputation is due to their self-centered and lawless ways, disregarding the regulations of other countries.

Some common examples of such behaviors include actions like cutting queues; pushing other tourists; taking photos with flash when it is prohibited; or kicking up a big fuss over small things.

What makes people to “put their own interest and survival first at all times”?

The first reason is due to the scarcity and immense competition which exists in the country. There has been a looooooooong recent history of 150 years of non-stop violence and political and social chaos. Things in China have only started to stabilize in the recent decades.

This is the long list of bullshit the poor Chinese people had to endure