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Stuck in montenegro

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>be NZer
>UK working holiday visa finishes
>stay in Balkans with friends
>change plan from applying for a dutch working holiday to try get a job on a yacht
>find out Schengen rules about staying too long on a tourist visa.
>go to Belgrade for 3 months to wait out for the Schengen reset of entry
>Go to Montenegro to look for yacht job or any job
>Money runs out
>Haven't found shit
>hostel owner letting me stay if I cook and teach his kids English
>tells me in summer more work in running the hostel
>passport is expensive to renew and has 7 months left on it
I don't know if he'll ever pay or what, but I consider keeping quite for now out of respect that he's letting me stay. I don't want to ask anyone for money. Guess I have too much pride. I could have my friends in Slovenia get me some work for cash if available. But to get to Ljubljana form Budva is around 70 euro. Have been thinking of walking it. But I have about 10 pounds in Croatian kuna and another 2 euro in Serbian dinar. Probably enough for a month of bread. Summer is here so should be ok outside. Or try hitch hike. I don't know anymore. Or I could stay the summer, problem that after its over I'm really in the shit if it pays out nothing.

TL:DR Stuck in Montenegro, out of money. working as a house servant. How to escape?

Pic: place where I'm now