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Hello /trv/

I'm going to Spain (Southern part), and other places in Europe after that... starting tomorrow and I have booked no hostels or hotels, etc. I'm planning on just sleeping on the beach for the first few nights (if possible) or on the street if not) and then possibly hostels after that since my budget is limited. I just bought a one way ticket and that's about it. Got nothing to lose, really. Fuck it.

Is this possible, or am I going to get raped/arrested/mugged/fucked in general? Lol

Any advice for travelling/backpacking on a budget?
(I'm travelling light, no tent though, just spare clothes, etc. No laptop only my phone and going to have to use free wifi if available) I've also never travelled alone before so I am nervous as hell as you may imagine. I've left enough in my bank for a return if I need it, but that it literally it. Hopefully I'll be able to find a dish washing job although this is probably unlikely in the short term. My main concern is obviously not dying and being able to find a place to store my belongings like a locker, paid storage etc.

What do you think? Appreciate any replies.