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>Want to move somewhere with a friend of mine so we could make up for lost time and hit on and hook up with tons of chicks
>I am an Asian dude so I am already at an uphill battle with this dating shit
>Originally from NY
>One dude I used to work with mentioned San Diego
>Went this past weekend
>Had a BLAST, lots to do, lots of girls
>Supposedly Labor Day weekend is the more boring 4 day holiday of the year, like wut? It looked like the best nights in Columbus, GA or Atlanta, GA
>Spoke to a coworker about San Diego when I got back
>tells me to "google 'Man Diego'"
>tells me the reason it was not a sausage fest was because of labor day and the military dudes all went on leave
>google more facts about San Diego, ratio is supposedly 7:1 Male:female

Is any of this true? We liked the vibe of the place being so chill and the weather being so nice.

Any alternative Cities that are like San Diego in terms of chill factor and stuff to do and have a better ratio of single females to males??