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Danger zone tourism

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I'm planing a trip around the world next year, my trip passes through Jordan and I was just seeing how close it is to Syria and Damascus (only a few hours by car if the boarder was opened). Made me think about how interesting it would be to go to such a place and see the culture during war and what is going on with your own eyes (as opposed to through the media).

I know people here have travelled to some quite dangerous places as tourists (Afghanistan, Syria & (maybe) Central African Republic + Congo) and just want to see if anyone has any stories or advice on how to plan such trips?

I guess it could be described as a morbid curiosity, I understand the dangers of such things but in my mind they can be somewhat managed with careful planing. While such travel can never be safe, you can minimise risks where possible.

I was looking mainly at going to Beiruit and travelling to Damascus for 1 night, the boarder is open and secure, the only issue would be obtaining a visa. Apparently there are still companies operating tours which would be ideal.

Some other places I would consider danger zone tourism:
Afghanistan, Parts of Pakistan (Peshawar & Khyber), Somalia, Yemen, South Sudan, Syria, Iraq, East Ukraine, Libya, Central African Republic, Congo, Venezuela...

(Ps. Likelihood of me doing any of this is very low)