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Everywhere is ruined. There's too many people. Every city I visit is just a shitpile that lacks any of its original culture and has just been turned over to be a giant vendor for tacky, lowest common denominator dogshit to appease clueless fucking chink and burger tourists.

You go anywhere and all the main squares and town centres are full of the same horrible shit:

1) International chain restaurants

2) Shit street "entertainers", inevitably some talentless wanker pumping out a celtic rock CD doing some juggling or something else totally annoying and disconnected with any local culture, surrounded by a crowd of unthinking walking tumours who, having spent too much money getting there, will willingly accept any level of entertainment no matter how bad it is

3) Shit street "artists" who peddle chintzy, tasteless Kincaid level art

4) Shitty tourist trinket shops

5) Thousands of people just wandering around without a clue as to what they should be doing, just hoping that something interesting is going to happen

Travelling and tourism are some of the most vacuous, depressing, pointless ways of spending time. Whatever vestigial culture and character tourist destinations ever had has essentially been destroyed through overpopularity and commercialism, but worst still the fact that undiscerning retards make the worst kind of businesses economically viable, and spread like cancer through previously culturally interesting places.

Stop travelling. Stay home. Do something creative instead. Nobody gives a fuck about your boring travel photos. Nobody gives a fuck about your boring travel stories. It doesn't make you cultured. It doesn't make you "worldly". It just puts you in a herd of mouth breathing flâneurs who can't commit their time to worthwhile pursuits.