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scam in SPB

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Hi, here goes.
Also scam in travels general.

I am writing this to let you know about Tinder scams in Saint Petersburg, Russia, so that you can inform your readers so that they don't suffer the same financial expenditure I did!

Basically, I met a woman on Tinder who I was chatting with for some time and then I arranged to meet her on Nevsky Avenue for a drink one evening. She took me to a place called the Secret Service Pub on Nevsky Avenue 53. I immediately grew suspicious upon entering this bar as it was only around 7pm and the place was quiet yet it had 1 or 2 security guys on the door, plus my instinct was telling me that the staff there knew my "Date" without any of them actually acknowledging each other, and in addition there were a couple of attractive girls sat at the bar alone. Even though I had these instincts, I still stayed as I had never heard of people being scammed in this way in Russia, or anywhere else for that matter and I am very well travelled. Anyway, the Date kept wanting to go into a separate closed off Karaoke area of the venue which I wasn't too keen on as I had not even had a drink yet that day, and when the menu arrived to order she wanted to order a bottle of wine that was priced around £80 and some kind of meat tray which again seemed somewhat overpriced after the meat tray arrived as it was very basic, however I had not been in Russia too long at that point so I was not aware of what the prices for things should generally be also. I refused to pay for the wine and asked her to order another drink instead, so she opted for a cocktail (which I did not see the price of) and the meat tray, whilst I order a reasonably priced beer for myself. I was getting a bad feeling about the bar still, so I told her I wanted to go somewhere else midway through my first drink, however she was quite insistent that she wanted to stay in this bar.