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Europe road trip

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hi /trv/, i decided to make a thread as there wasn't one in the catalog

Me and 2-4 friends (some are pussies and haven't decided) want to take my friends v70 and road trip down through europe
So i'm wondering about two things, firstly do you think that it is well laid out as in pic related? Obviously that poorly drawn thing isn't exact, will probably go Holland instead of german/french border. What do you think? Go the other way and take eastern europe first? Go further down into Italy? More countries in eastern europe that need visiting? I am afraid to break down there so would avoid most of it if possible. Mainly, what places need visiting? Will write a rough plan of places that i would think to visit if ya want to feedback that one

Secondly do you think a 4-man tent will house us good enough for the around 3 weeks we will give the trip? And eating food out of supermarkets, like bread and smoked meat etc? will we die? I can't really answer this as i have little experience living on the edge so to say (sheltered as a kid lel)

Don't know what more to write, i guess ask and ye shall recive.
Anyway cheers and have a good one