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Hey /trv/. I'm considering traveling to SEA with a group of 5-7 friends, and celebrate several special occasions. I personally find Vietnam really interesting for some reason, and I wonder what you would recommend. Generally it would be great to combine an experience-based trip (1 week) with a relaxing one (1 week). As in, one week of traveling and checking out Ha Long Bay/Bai Tu Bai, rice fields, cities/musems etc, and one week of staying at a tropic paradise with beautiful beaches.

Anyone got any tips for route from Hanoi? What do you recommend? How to travel from place to place by most ease? I'm kind of green by the way, only said the mentioned bays because that's what came up first googling Vietnam - and it looks beautiful. We are not that experienced with traveling Asia - but everyone has at least visited either Thailand or China. How is it different from Thailand? I greatly appreciate any reply.