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China - General

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I can't see one so i'll make this thread.

I'd like to go to China for my summer vacation, I've been before so i know what its like, and i have been studying mandarin so i want to put it to use.

But aside from the obvious major tourist sites, which ive already been to, what can i actually do there? How are the hostels, i can't afford hotels the entire time, and what can i really do day to day?

I have a few online chinese friends i could meet but i cant just permanently hang with them. (also how do i know if they want to fuck, i am a little autistic with women). I don't just want to go and then end up on my laptop in my room all day, but i can't figure how to spend 3 months there either.

In short, what to do in China?

Picture is a meme don't get your panties in a twist.