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ITT: Shit Americans have to put up with in other countries
>Eat at restaurant in UK
>Finish meal, waitress collects plates
>Put coat on and wait for the check
>Wait for 15 minutes
>Did the waitress forget about me? Did she clock out? Am I allowed to ask another server for the check?
>People are queuing outside the door waiting for a table to free up
>Staff continue to buzz around the dining room, ignoring me
>Maybe this is like Australia where you pay at the door?
>Take off coat so they don't think I'm dining and dashing
>Go over to bar
>C-c-c-can I settle up here? Is that all right?
>"Sure m8, just have a seat and I'll bring the check to your table"
>can hear the eye-roll in his voice
>Fuck these people, I'm only gonna tip 10%
>See waitress on my way out
>the indifference in her gaze gives me chills for the rest of the night