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Meetup thread #5 - THERE'S ALWAYS ONE OF THEM edition

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This thread is to help you with meeting other /trv/ users while travelling overseas, lots of us travel solo and sometimes it's nice to hang out with either a local for a few hours, meet up with someone wanting to do a similar activity to you (Hiking, motorbike touring, roadtrip, partying ect) or just have a bunch of people you can go out with on a Saturday night. The choice is yours.

Alternatively, if your not travelling at the moment but still want to meet some new people you could always offer to be a guide around your own city or simply be down for having a beer at a local bar, its up to you.

To make sure your meeting up with the right people (IE: So a backpacker doesn't meet up with a sex tourist, or vice versa) best to include some details such as...

>What you plan on doing/what kind of traveller you are

Ya regular OP starting things off again
>Vegas (as we speak), Arizona (26th Oct to 29th), LA (30th Oct to 3rd Nov), & Vietnam (5th Nov onwards).
>23yo student backpacker
>Keen on walks/hikes during the day then casual beers or a party during the night. Wanna try get to Monument valley and grand canyon without paying extortionate tour fees too.