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I unironically liked Paris

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Got a hilarious story here
>gf and her sister really wants to visit Paris probably cuz their Asian
>me on the other hand was very reluctant on going there knowing all the memes about it being a rude shithole
>day of flight, gf and sister seems overly excited
>the moment we step on the LRT going from CDG to Paris and are met with a pungent sweat smell and lot's of black people, their moods start to change
>I honestly don't bother much considering I have had it worse
>as the LRT moves through the outskirts of Paris and we start to see the graffiti covered houses and such, her sister starts to regret going there
>meanwhile, I am not moved as it looks pretty much like some Eastern Euro city which is comfy
>eventually we get to our AirBnB and decides to head out to the city center where Louvre and such is
>no car so has to use metro
>gf's sister cannot stand the noise and how overcrowded the metro is and how much we have to walk to change metro
>she totally enjoys the architecture and such and loves to be taken picture of, but still can't stand the heat, the walking distance and the amount of people
>in the end she ended up hating Paris and wishing she never went there
>meanwhile, I loved the architecture, was amazed at the sight of the Eiffel tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, the Seine, never experienced any rudeness in the outskirts(quite the contrary), loved the food, and the black vendors were even kinda nice and sold souvenirs cheaper than any establishment. On the metro, black men were among those giving up their seats my gf's sister which I have never seen elsewhere
We had a couple of very shitty moments though, but I would honestly give it a retry as we were only able to be there for 2 days.
I can elaborate more if you want