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Psytrance Festivals

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Let's discuss psytrance festivals! And/or other electronic genres.

I've never been to one, was recommended Ozora this July/August as it would have the best facilities, a softer landing into this type of activity; I traveled but I'm not a rugged backpacker who sleeps on a bench in a foreign city with some newspapers for cover, and I wonder how I'll manage to enjoy myself sleeping in a tent and shitting in a chemical toilet with no showers while eating re-heated pizza for a week.

Some questions for anyone experienced with these festivals to kick things off, I'd love to hear more from veterans:

1. Other than Ozora (which is the only big name I know), what other festival in Europe would you recommend?
2. Do they sell "packages" for these (flight+entry ticket+lodging)?
3. Do you bring your own sleeping arrangements there (tent, sleeping bag etc.)? Can you buy it on the spot, should I land then buy something locally or carry it on the flight over? Is it possible to go back to a nearby city and just sleep there instead of staying over?
4. How long do these festivals normally last? Do most people go the whole length or do most they leave after a couple days?
5. What do you do there other than dance around?