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I want to settle down in North America

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I have this thing that I always wanted to live in north america (Canada or the US).

I have a bachelors degree in computer science and I have been working 4 years now as a Business analyst (so not a developer) in 3 different countries (Spain, France and Hungary).

I really like the US because I feel like if you want to go big in IT you need to move to the US. At the same time, I enjoy big cities (300k inhabitants or more) and I feel like the people in general in the US (at least the ones I've met) are generally open. (This might not be true for the REAL population of the US).

Now, I'm thinking about moving again from France to somewhere else and the country where I move has to speak English. I just speak English and Spanish and I dont want to go to South America or Spain. I was thinking Canada, but after seeing some of the comments here I'm doubting a little bit.

If you could choose a city to settle down, which one would you aim for? I want to ask this with a real salary, not 250k a year but also not less than 100k a year.

I would like to live in an international city, with people from different countries and if possible, good weather.

I think the US is a bit harder because I would have to get a visa, and I feel like it's extremely difficult to get a visa even for someone with a college degree and years of experience in IT.