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Where to travel for those who have traveled everywhere?

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I've been to 40 countries.

>3-12 parents take me to Europe and parts of East Asia, as well as Caribbean vacation spots
>11-18 go on educational summer camps abroad in Europe every year, one summer in Japan
>18-22 study abroad in the UK for one semester, travel Europe again through the Summer
>22-30 Travel Africa, South America, East asia again, SE asia, Russia, Mongola, UAE, etc.

By the way I'm a semi-trust fund kid who also made a shit load in the stock market (from a small gift of 200k from parents when I graduated college)

What is there to do now? Honestly, I feel like the entire Earth is boring to me now, which on one hand is good because it allows me to focus on my work and find more depth in life... but on the other hand, I miss the adventures I had traveling, and the "newness" of it all.

It's impossible to "do it all" but I've done most of all of it. Eaten at the best restaurants in the world, banged expensive hookers in Germany and cheap ass SE hookers, lived in huts in Mongolia and backpacked with nothing through south America. Have experienced about as much as the gamut as I think one can.

Suggestions on what else there is to do? Supposedly there is an island somewhere in Polynesia where you can eat people.. not saying I would do that, but looking for suggestions of things that people haven't ehard of.