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What is the best 'paradise' destination?

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I have made a relatively large sum of money, I am completely done with living in Europe and I want to emigrate and live a simple life on a beautiful island, the sort of stereotypical dream holiday like Seychelles or Bora Bora.

Rules -
No niggers, sorry Cape Verde. Rihanna tier Caribbean types are acceptable, but no actual full-on black people.
- Low crime. Can't be a dangerous place to live, although I can't think of many places in contention that would fall into this category.
- No litter or normie crowds. Obviously there will be tourism but I am talking avoiding teenagers and party / gap year types. Places like Bali and Thailand are off the table now - ruined.
- Accessible. Has to have internet, access to commodities etc. So no Isla Holbox or completely remote deserted islands. Also no private billionaire islands, has to be accessible in that sense for somebody who isn't 1%-tier wealthy.

Suggest anything I've missed