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Where would you stay in Las Vegas for the most *iconic* location?

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I have not been to Las Vegas since before I was of legal gambling age. Am planning a 3-night stay, and looking for ideas of where to stay. I am Marriott Plat, Hilton Diamond, IHG Diamond, Wyndham Diamond (and by extension Caesars Diamond).

Would like to stay at same property for all 3 nights, most iconic and on-strip if possible. For a long time I thought Nobu was the place I wanted to stay at, but after realizing only suites and up have deep soaking tub I looked around and now I'm not so sure. This is not supposed to be an expensive trip, so I am not going through my Virtuoso agent.

Any suggestions for properties (where status makes a difference is a plus) for low cash rates? I've become very enamored with the Venetian with IHG offer https://www.ihg.com/content/us/en/deals/hotel-offers/venetian-palazzo. Pic also related, I'm thinking of booking at the Cosmo before they leave Marriott