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SEA Advice

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Looking for advice for traveling to SEA for the first time, preferably for 6 months. US passport. I was looking at Vietnam but I think you can only stay 1 month, and Thailand you have to make a visa run every month? With the Philippines can you stay for longer than 1 month? I've heard mixed things, everything is always changing.

What's the best overall SEA country for a White man in his late 20's, passive income of around 1500 USD (Would like to try living off 1k) to fuck off for 6 months and do nothing but live an almost NEET lifestyle of going to the gym, beaches, reasonable wifi, gaming girls (no pros) and so on currently? I was looking at Philippines but I hate living in big cities, what are some nice less polluted smaller cities that have decent wifi, infrastructure, nature etc, low rent in the Philippines?