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How gay is couchsurfing?

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24 yo europoor Greek here, just got out of work and plan to travel. I am considering backpacking northern Spain and Portugal.
Typical hostel rates are like 25-33 euro per night, which kinda sucks as I plan to travel for 2 months (which will cost something like 1500 minimum just on accommodation).

So, I looked into couchsurfing.
Right off the bat, that place suspiciously appears like a gay fuckfest. There are 100x more male hosts than female, and it makes me wonder: I'd be quite hesitant myself to host some hairy sweaty europoor like myself, so how come there's 10,000 fucking hosts in a city like Porto alone? (9,800 or so being men?)

I hope this is not some undercover gay dating festival were I will be expected to fuck my host's ass.

I signed up on BeWelcome too before that offering to host people myself, just to see what would happen. I got 2 messages from evident weirdos whose instagram included pictures of used condoms and their 43 piercings.

Please advise anons