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Living in thailand official

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I am going on an adventure in thailand and want to plan ahead in things to do and sights to see. I assume lots of you go for cooming, which I will do as well, but I also get bored easily of that and want to do exciting things like learn how to scuba, ride an elephant, have a lan party in an internet cafe, etc. I'll have 5-6 months here or until my money runs out.

Budget: ~$2200/month-- a ton in savings too so am flexible but I get sad if I see my cash account go down. Would rather just use my income. Is this enough? I would prefer a building with a gym and close to parks
Base: Bangkok-- I will rent a place here to have a base and keep all my shit there. I was also looking at changmai too maybe?
Interests: Cooming, parks, food, museums, adventures

Cooming is important but since my budget is small I dont think I can afford one whore/day. I've coomed all over the world and places like Brazil or Colombia or Philippines, but surprisingly never been to the famous sex capital. I never really paid much in those countries since I'm late 20s, hygienic, half decently attractive. I learned some spanish and portugese too so it was really easy in SA. Most I was paying was $5 taxi money and some of these girls would even be buying me dinner and want to sleep over. I heard it's a little more business transaction like in thailand, is this true? Do most girls speak english there or should I learn some Thai? Tinder, thaifriendly, seeking all legitimate options? I really would prefer a pure girlfriend experience rather than transactional relationship, otherwise I will get extremely bored

As for nice parks, leisure walking, good food, hipster areas-- is there any place in specific I should be staying in Bangkok? Looking at airbnb, I think I could squeeze around 1000/month for a nice apartment. Leaving me with ~1100 for everything else. Would prefer to order out food or go to restaurant 2x/day, cab fare for exploring city, extracurriculars like golf trainer or physical therapist, etc