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Is there a country or region you are obsessed about?

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Maybe not obsessed, but perhaps a country you wish to visit?

For example, I'm obsessed about the Soviet Union or Russia in general. I don't even know why.

I remember, the first time I found out about Russia and the Soviet Union. I could've been 8 years old. it was inside a school, in Europe, we have something called - Day of European languages. And for some reason, we were given Russia.

I loved it. I loved the language. The culture. Fell in love. We sang some song. I still remember it like it happened yesterday. Then every now and then I learned something. Nothing so much was happening until around the age of 15. I began learning Russian, read about the culture and month after my 18 birthday, I visited Georgia. Now I'm 21. My Russian is nowhere near perfect, frankly it's shit, but I still fancy the era. I don't even know why. Just the whole imperialism. The history behind all of it. Bit of religion. The way people are attached to their country. And the language... The language is blast for my ears. Lol. My mother says she hates it with passion.

It's weird I know. I wish I could understand it. Why not other country? I don't know. Maybe nostalgia to my own child-hood. Grey commie blocks. Ugly children playgrounds. :D