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PSA: Sex tourism and cooming will ruin your life

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35 year old male here. 6'1, handsome, good job, come from a decently wealthy family. Legit 8/10.

Even though I had good savings, I didn't have baller money until crypto in 2017. I made over a million dollars and since then I've spent 500k on traveling and hookers.

You WILL fry your dopamine receptors and never be able to bond with females again. "Red pillers" talk about how women who sleep with many different people aren't able to pair bond... what they don't tell you is that this is ALSO TRUE for men. I have fucked so many escorts I've lost count, maybe over 200. Not cheap ones either, usually go for mid-high tier cost and porn stars (I've slept with maybe 10 very famous porn stars).

While you're doing this shit, it's truly awesome. Yes, it is amazing. People who say whoring is depressing say so because they're ugly. Escorts are human females, and like all women they find ugly short men repulsive, it's VERY hard for them to hide their disdain for you even though you are paying them, but they also all love handsome tall guys, so if you're the latter you'll have a GREAT time with whores and not feel so bitter about it. So if you're short and ugly, I'd skip this entirely because it's just going to make you feel shittier about life when you realize even a paid whore can barley fake standing to be with you.

Anyways, I simply look at women as meat now. This is not based nor cool. To dehumanize others is to dehumanize yourself. I have been a series of semi-serious relationships with great women but I feel nothing so I just bang them for a while and leave them. I also don't see whores anymore because it's actually become boring.

In a sense, I've mentally castrated myself. There are some positives in that not thinking about sex very much frees you up to think of other things, but I don't think I will ever be able to have a normal relationship like my broke regular friends.

Be careful with how you spend your time.