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>fell for the 4chin /chug/ memes, buy ticket to russia
>arrive in airport. passport control lady asks me why i’ve come. say just cuz. asks if i have family (i don’t). they let me pass afterwards
>no rubles, no phone number, no place to stay
>panicking, get on rando bus at airport
>bus lady angrily tells me to pay
>pay with visa apple pay on my phone (obviously doesn’t fucking work) but this satisfies her
>arrive in bumfuck somewhere. have to use google maps
>instantly charged £50 for couple megabytes used to look up my location
>jeez.jpg imsofuckingfucked.png
>awkwardly make my way to the metro with my bigass 20kg suitcase.
>can’t pay the toll to pass the gate obviously, why did i even try. have to excuse myself back through the crowds (entrance was one way)
>spot a bank, they’re able to exchange $100 and ¢100 i came with for rubles
>make my way to city proper through metro, manage to get a sim card also
>go through like 10 banks trying to open an account
>all of them want proof of address and a Russian passport
>i have neither
>one bank actually opens a fucking russian account for me for some reason and instantly gives me a temporary card.
>that was a miracle sent by god, i would’ve been so fucked without that
>its 8pm by this point. quickly book some place to stay.
>make my way there with my massive ass suitcase and backpack. i’m dying by this point
>always checking for missing documents or electronics every 20 minutes because i would've been irreversibly fucked if i lost something
>hotel lady says i can’t stay because i don’t have a Russian passport. they’ve stopped accepting foreigners because of legal reasons relating to covid and the war
>almost start crying at this point.. my sad retarded face probably made her sympathise with me, so she said i could stay for an hour to use their wifi and tea