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I have a dream that I would like to travel around the world *without flying*. For the sake of argument say starting and ending London. Length of time and cost is largely irrelevant but let's say around 1 year and about $50k. I'm thinking something like:

London / Eurostar to Paris / train to Istanbul stopping off at a few interesting places along the way / Silk road to Katmandu (car/buses?) / down through SEA to Singapore (trains, buses) / boat down into Indonesia and on to Australia / boat across to NZ / cruise ship across to something like Chile / work way up through S. America/ C. America to somewhere like Florida or New York / Cruise ship from miami back to Europe / train back to London.

The bit I'm really not sure about would be between Singapore to South America. Is there a better/surer route? I could wait to join a round the world cruise ship for that leg which I've seen do go from places like japan to Alaska and then down the west coast but not so sure about the more southerly route.