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24 year old Blowjob Virgin in BERLIN. Where to get sucked without a condom?.

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Help. I recently moved to Berlin and work at Riot Games.
Im Blowjob virgin.
Only got my cock sucked with a condom, And want to experience if there is any difference to get it sucked without one.
I recently lost my virginity fucking a whore in the street, but she didn't want to suck me, and she also charged me extra 30€ for seeing her face (I don't know if this normal, or got ripped off?) She said, fucking from behind position was included in the 100€, but having she looking at me would cost 30€ more (Im not ugly I promise) I ended up paying because I didn't know "how to say no".
All the street hookers I asked (around Büllowstr) told me they don't suck without gummi (condom)

Where can I get sucked without a Condom? (By a woman, not a travesti or something weird)

I live right in Nollendorf Platzt if this helps.