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I work on a cruise ship AMA

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See title, starting with a few FAQs

>how long and what do you do?
I started working on ships right out of university and ive made it my career, currently trying to get up to Cruise Director.

>where are you right now
Currently on a contract in the Caribbean, sailing out of Florida. About as entry-level as it gets.

>what’s the best cruise line for my vacation
If you have kids, Disney or Royal Caribbean. I can’t see reason to buy a cruise otherwise, it’s not a good travel method with the exception of a couple parts of the world (Alaska, Norway).

>can/do you sleep with the guests?
It’s prohibited and not worth it, there are plenty of female crew members who are down to fool around. I do have some adventurous friends though who partake. The bigger the ship the harder it is for them to catch you.

>I have no education/ambition, can I get a job on a ship?
Sure you can, but most likely you will work 8-10 hours a day every day for 6-8 months on a salary that cannot keep up with the western world’s cost of living,