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Are Mexicans all sociopaths?

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Nordic man here. I've been living in Mexico for around two years now. I stay in Leon. I am getting more and more fed up with the place. It seems to me that most of Mexicans are selfish sociopaths that do not care about other humans, animals etc.

The streets are full of homeless dogs. People drive like douchebags and never allow you to change lanes without trying to bump into your car. They also drive with their headlights on all the time. And dont get me started on the noise they make, always carrying a large bluetooth speaker and blasting music from it wherever they are.

All the chicks I have dated have had varying degrees of what psychiatry likes to call Borderline Personality Disorder.

Now my latest girl, who I thought was actually a good person, got two kittens lately. Only 4 weeks old (they are supposed to stay with their mom until theyre 12 weeks). One died from hypothermia because its cold here at night and it was just put in a carton box. No remorse and her explanation was "Well I dont know how to take care of cats".

One time I met a white Mexican guy at a bar and he had a bag of dog food in front of him. I asked him why. He said he just bought it because he always carries some dog food to give to street dogs. Ive done that too. I guess thats just how the white man's psyche works. Too bad I didnt get his number.

Anyway...any Mexicans (or foreigners with extensive experience with Mexicans) care to share their views? Are Mexicans generally pretty terrible people? Are white Mexicans like proper white/European people or are they also narcissistic sociopaths like the prietos/prietas?