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Move to Bangkok or Taipei?

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Hi everyone, I'm a young lad with a decent amount saved up, was thinking of moving to either of these two places because sometimes you have to take dumb risks to start living a life worth living, it's either this or I'll still fucking my bedsheets at mummy's house when I'm 35
Both places are pretty low COL so until my own businesses take off I'll hopefully get by doing some sort of online ESL/virtual assistant stuff/etc, haven't worked out specifics yet but I will, don't worry. The internet self improvement gurus told me not to talk about my goals to other people so unfortunately I can't disclose anything more xx
But yeah, between Bangkok and Taipei, which is better for:
>digital nomad stuff/starting a business
>ease of initial assimilation (getting local SIM card, renting apartments, opening local bank account etc.)
>opportunities to meet locals aged 18-30 and become good friends with them
>dating art hoes and those bookish girls with the baggy jumpers/oversized Harry Potter glasses/Line Friends merch
>English proficiency amongst the previous two groups (will do my best to learn the language ofc but there are gonna be times where I need to explain concepts in English)
Also for anons who have lived in both, how does the general day to day vibe between them differ?
So far I know that
>Taipei's public transit mogs Bangkok's
>Taipei is cleaner and you can drink the tap water, Bangkok you gotta buy it bottled or at least get a filter on your sink
>Taiwan is probably easier to stay in long term re. border control, heard Thailand's get a bit butthurt if you do too many visa runs
>Easier access to nature from Taipei
>Potentially more to do in Bangkok but might get distracting, Taipei looks more lokey in a good way