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Just moved back to New York after living in Japan for three years. AMA

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I lived in Japan for two and a half years and spent time in other parts of Asia. I do a VERY specific type of maintenance for a specialized server and got a job in Tokyo right before covid. Since I know many of you are weebs who have never had the chance to go to Japan, I will answer questions here. While I spent 90% of the time in Japan, I was able to travel around Asia as well.

Key takeaways:

1) Japan is hands down the best place for a white person to live in Asia, IF you have money. The food quality and safety is excellent. Prostitution, while more expensive than anywhere else in Asia, provides whores who know how to please you. Geisha culture has not been completely extinguished from modern Japanese culture so you can have some wonderful experiences with prostitutes, better than Europe and far better than anything in America.

What is very interesting about Japanese services and restaurants is that everyone specializes in one thing and does that for their entire life, becoming excellent at whatever they do. Since Japanese work so much (notice I did not say "hard" or "smart", but "much" meaning that they are forced to spend many hours at work even if it's unproductive), they highly value "experiences" such as eating out, shows, etc, whatever. This puts a very high pressure on the service industry to deliver quality, meaning that if you're a westerner living in Japan, making a lot and working relatively little due being in a specialized field, you get to reap immense benefits from their service industry. These services were designed for Japanese people to enjoy, for their OWN people, but due to globalization you can now siphon off the cream from their society for your own benefit. It's actually amazing.