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Need advice on Amsterdam smoking trip

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So my friend and I are travelling to Amsterdam to celebrate our graduation and to get really baked.
Now we're no strangers to the ol' smoke'n'stroke, but being tourists also, What should we watch out for?
Our plan is to spend 3 or 4 days hanging around the city getting high, eating, and seeing the nightlife, we wont be bringing out girlfriends so we don't give a shit about stuff like seeing rural villages or Anne franks house.
I had a colleague who visited Germany recently for just a week and he got accosted by gangs of gypsies or Romanians not just once but 3 times, and they weren't peaceful touts either, in one instance they even roughed him up a bit. It was very sad to hear because hes a very meek, nice young guy, but he is Japanese and I've heard Asian tourists are targeted specifically by these gangs.
Now this is worrying because while I'm not Asian, my buddy is, and being out in European city looking blind dr