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I was planning to go to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos during 13th june - 13th august but now realised that this is when the monsoon hits.

I wanted great weather on my travel, this would be my first time travelling so spending it in the rain would be horrible.

How can I change my trip? I was planning to go to Ho Chi minh city, then through the coasts of cambodia up to angkor wat, then to bangkok and the islands in south thailand, and then back up, perhaps skip northern thailand and go to Ha long bay, and down the coast of Vietnam to roughly where I started.

However, now that I realise this is monsoon season for most of these countries, I was thinking about starting in Da nang, doing the same as before, finish in the southern thailand islands and then get a plane to Indonesia for the last couple weeks.

Do you think this is a reasonable attempt at avoiding a lot of rain? Is monsoon season that bad? I do want days where it is just sunny all day and don't have to worry about carrying a coat with me.