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Women aren't happy with Dane Cook

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Will him in his 50s marrying a somehow long term yet barely legal 20 year old hurt his career? Women are the primary consumers of comedy.
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I just started Season 2 of the Boys. Could this insufferable feminist cunt get any more annoying Jesus fuck she says every feminist trope in the book.
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We're going to the kinoplex babe!
What movie, err sorry I mean kino, should we watch? It's "no singles" for tonight so we can get discounts on the popcorn!

Also I just farted, you better inhale it all up before we get there.
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Cartoon movie for kids
>characters are faithful to their comic counterparts
>dark stories without going edgy
>blood only used to show the seriousness of the situation
>canon funny characters only crack jokes when it fits

'Adult' Animation
>every character is a parody
>quipping non-stop
>excessive sex jokes, swearing and blood
>muh feminism

Really makes you think.
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What have you done
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Stranger Things

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>Biggest showdown of S5
>Sufferboy vs Best girl
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Will Millie Bobby Brown be in Godzilla vs Kong 2?
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movies you have seen that no one else on /tv/ has
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You all missed the point so hard. Saul didn’t choose 86 years over 7 years to impress Kim. He did it to change. Earlier in the episode he was fully prepared to throw Kim under the bus just for some ice cream, but after finding out she already confessed what he was gonna say, he realises it’s time to leave Saul behind. Why else do you think half the episode was him asking others what they would change with a time machine? Why do you think he says “I’m McGill” in the courtroom? Why do you think there’s a flashback with chuck, who previously said “he’ll never change”? The episode spells it out for you time and again but since you’re all so sexually frustrated you think he’s just simping for Kim
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What are the chances it’s actually good?
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