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>tfw you will never pick up a Verne Troyer from the animal shelter and keep it as a pet
feels bad
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Why have there never been any proper movies about femcels? The closest are Excision and Ginger Snaps, and those both have some stupid thing about how Chads secretly only like weird girls who don’t wash themselves and read yaoi (and that nobody finds Stacy attractive) AKA nonsense.
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>watch gf watch a movie
>select shittiest free streaming service on her laptop
>video is 400p or some shit
>skips ahead when there are no dialogues or action
>browses instagram at the same time
Femoids were a big fucking mistake lads
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don't get one thing about zombies. if they eat human how do they keep their teeth intact? raw muscles are tough and sinewy, not to mention bones. after one human they would have no teeth left therefore couldn't feed themselves and would starve because they would stuff too much and couldn't chew

which takes me to another question like why are there so many zombies if zombies eat humans? wouldn't human who they just grappled down and ate revive in a minute? doubt they could eat it all in such short time? also no half eaten zombies, what if he reanimated halfway during the unforgettable luncheon?
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So, what did you think? I thought it was a decent enough flick but nothing to write home about. It's well acted, the sets look great, so do costumes and effects...but the plot was really streched thin, the runtime i felt was unwarranted. The second act really drags on and i thought it was annoying tonally inconsistent, like in a couple of places they were like 'aw shit, we're supposed to be making a horror movie, better add a spooky figure standing in the hallway background or a scary face between floor tiles'. It felt really cheesy. Overally not an unpleasant experience but I'd rate Annihilation and The Ritual much higher when it comes to Netflix horror movies.
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ITT: Actresses who's mere faces make you diamonds
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