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who will she end up with in IX?
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Both Obi-Wan and Yoda went into exile when the Jedi were hunted down.
Why do people have a problem when Luke does it too?
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>um no, sweetie.
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Why didn't the rebels just hyperspace ram the Death Stars in episodes 4 and 6 like vid related?

Why not just put hyperdrives on asteroids and fuck the FO up?
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Why didn't they make TLJ like they did Rogue one?

RO was genuinely a good movie with a good pacing and likeable characters
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MUH character assassination

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The Last Jedi's portrayal of Luke was in sync with his previous portrayals. He almost killed his father because he wanted to save people but stopped at the last second. In this movie he almost kills his Nephew to save people but stops at the last second. There is nothing else to discuss.
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now that the dust has settled is it hip to be square ??
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Seriously, what's your honest opinions on RT America on cable?
Too abrasive? Too Fox News-ish?
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