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What did you think of The Late Show with Hillary as guest ?

It was very emotional watching Colbert talk about all he prepared for her victory, and watching her trying to deal with the fact that SHE WON but alas the Russians hacked the elections in DRUMPFS favor.

I really feel sorry for her having to experience Putins sexism first hand, what a brave woman.

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What did Patrick mean by this ?

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Why is Hollywood allowed to get away with this?
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>Zeus and the other gods were killed thousands of years ago
>Zeus gave a child to Hippolyta before dying, which means Wonder Woman is thousands of years old
>They treat the whole Amazon training part like only a few years have passed until she grew into an adult
>She's supposed to be young when the events of the movie happen

This is incredibly stupid
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ITT: actors who were once A-listers but aren't anymore

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What went wrong?
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Why is he so perfect?
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>ywn watch Friday Night Lights for the first time again
Why even live, bros?
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>Crushed Wonder Woman
>Is going to beat Guardians of the Galaxy II
>Will be largest grossing hero movie of 2017
>Will be 5th or 4th highest grossing movie of the year
>Biggest hero introduction movie ever
>Ten weeks in top ten at domestic box office and counting
>Eight movies that opened above it have fallen below, including Dunkirk

Man, did you guys see that second weekend drop?? RIP Spider-Man and MCU
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/got/ general Power Ranking edition

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Here's a nice power ranking, but it's a bit incomplete. It lacks certain characters like, for example, Night King, Bobby B and the BOAR. Where do we put them, /got/?
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