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Stop being racist.
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Why didn't he make more resources?
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Is Emma Watson overrated?
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Thoughts on the birds, i found the lack of music a good choice
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>movie trailer
>ear shattering fart noise
>full frontal shot of a fat neckbeard rising out of his chair with sweat streaming off of its body
>black screen
>coming 2018

>opening shot is Zoe Quinn living her daily life with her husband and two children (girls) showing what a good mother and relatble protaginist she is
>Gooblegates begins
>movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes people writing shitposts
>ending is said neckbeard standing over the corpses of minoriteis and roaring to the sky
>Zoe Quinn running to him in a last stand frenzy
>Black Screen, Titel CRASH OVERRIDE CHAPTER 2 blends in
>Short Scene of Anita going into a room
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Blade Runner's Cuck Deckard

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>8 guys

>Rachel banged 8 other bounty hunters

>Gets warned by Phil and still falls for Rachel's shit

Why did Deckard fall for this thot so hard anyway?
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Gordon Bennett!

it's only another smegging Red Dwarf thread!
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Are any 21st century movie characters iconic?

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I'm talking huge and culturally significant. Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or Luke Skywalker.

Pic related might not be popular enough.

Capeshit doesn't count.
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What are some films made for a very specific, niche, audience?
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