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Webm Thread - Friday edition

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Well, it friday in europe edition
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/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General

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James is the key to this edition

Meanwhile >>85237103
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Just watched for the first time and...




Why /tv/ love this shit?
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Capeshit can't be ki-
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God your so fucking predictable. When the 5th Element went out, there were gorrillions of teenagers on tv saying how shitty it was. 20 years later, /tv/ worships it like it was some kind of masterpiece.
Here we go again. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Hurrr durr, GOD HELP ME it was so gay!
It is. But 10 years from now, your gonna love it liek the little sheeps you are.

> roody poo
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Hocus Pocus remake imminent, to star the leading cast from box office smash Hidden Figures

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Everyone share your memories of the original, before they get obliterated by the fantastic remake!
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Sexual Transmitted Discovery

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I'm still going to torrent it.
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>Although this is only Nolan’s third movie that is set, at least partly, in his homeland England — it depicts the evacuation of more than 300,000 British Expeditionary troops trapped in Dunkirk, France, at the start of World War II — he seems incapable of conveying a sense of cultural authenticity or patriotic feeling. (For that, see John Boorman’s WWII memoirs Hope & Glory and Queen & Country.) Preening for fanboys in 70mm, Nolan’s vast, clear views of dull-to-horrific killings, plus amped-up artillery sound effects, are no different from what he did in his Dark Knight trilogy. Like Michael Bay’s fantasy Pearl Harbor (1999), Dunkirk uses history as a pretext to show-off the director’s fascination for calamity.

How can one man be so based?
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