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Are we officially done with them? Are they becoming too politicized to the point of unwatchability?

First they review two anti-white propaganda films in the same episode, then they make yet another batch of "muh Trump" jokes that perpetuate delusional liberal myths. Now look, I'm a big boy, if you wanna tell a Trump joke, that's fine, I can take it. Orange face, cheeto man, grab 'em by the pussy, yeah yeah we're heard them all. But when they start trying to perpetuate this insidious narrative of "violent Trump supporters beating up gays", when the evidence overwhelmingly shows that liberals are far and away the perpetrators of nearly all political or identity-related violence in the past few years, and insulting the countless Americans who know better than to believe these falsehoods, that's just over the line.
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>"Perfect movies don't exi-"
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Why don't you like this Tankino?

>GOAT depiction of combat
>Comfy tank lyfe
>Rich cinematography
>Dat soundtrack

I'm in the mood for more Tankino, onto Buffalo Soldiers. Any others?
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Unexpected new Nerd Crew Episode, can't wait!
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The Expanse

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Is our beltaloda actually alive with the waifu on Venus ?
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Why the fuck are there so many threads of little girls?

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This fucking movie has been remade like 10 times for no reason. Does anyone care about the hitman franchise?
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