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How much does Size envy effect your normal Hollywood starlet?
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Remember when Bob Iger spoiled the dumb thing about Han Solo’s name and Kathleen Kennedy lied about it?
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>visit United States
>go to ice cream parlor
>order soft serve ice cream cone (there was no choice in size)
>it's so large, I can't believe I'm getting this much ice cream for just $4
>eat about half, feeling full, decide it's too much calorie, and I shouldn't ruin my appetite for dinner more than I already have
>throw it in the trash
>everybody in the parlor looks at me
>one old woman says to who I presume were her grandchildren that they shouldn't waste food like that

In the United States, is it normal to get publicly rebuked for not finishing food even when one was surprised with the massive serving size?
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This should have never been permitted for family viewing
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What was life like in the VHS era?
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Dude let's completely destroy the mystique of a beloved character lmao
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Alright /tv/ it's time to beat this faggot.

Post results
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Enough is enough.
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Jazz Jennings Khazar Milkers

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Only a month and Jazz is getting her (his) dick chopped off. What does /tv/ think about this?
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So we agree he's the best actor in the show, right? Keep in mind he's the only one who in his career has shared a scene with F. Murray Abraham.
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