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don't like ds9? don't post about ds9. simple as
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You may not like it, but this is what peak Star Wars looks like
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Why are all the superheroes today so unpatriotic?
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>There have been more LGBT characters in the last two years than there have been in the last 50.
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Who is your favorite French actress?
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prove me wrong: doctor who is infinitely better with a woman doctor
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Rick doesn't die. He will be taken by the helicopter group. Anne/Jadis is trading people who are labelled either an "A" or a "B", referring to alpha/leader types and beta/follower types. This is why she wrote "A" on the container Rick was kept in during season 8. She was also planning to trade Negan when she had him tied up.

Rick and Maggie will both be taken away on the helicopter and forced to integrate into a large community to work towards re-establishing society and a new world order. We will see them again in season 10 after the Whisperer storyline is over.
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this is the batmobile in "Joker"

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