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Could've been your head.
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>a dance with dragons came out more than 10 YEARS AGO
Seriously what the fuck does this lazy nigga do all day?
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why was german cinema so edgy in the 70s?
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>this was considered extremely attractive in the 90s

Boomers really had it on easy mode
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/ftl/ - Fish Tank Live #1159

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Jet Neptroon edition

if you wake up one day and /ftl/ is no longer on /tv/ check >>>/trash/
>Who won?
Josie won the grand prize of $35,000
>Was Letty a plant?
No, but she decided to play the villain at some point during the 6 weeks. She would go to the producers for approval on her activities. She won $20,000
>Will there be a season 2?
Yes, in the winter

Watch Josie's YouTube video: Josie's First Stream! With Sam Hyde and Jet Neptune Fishtank Q&A Highlight Clips (https://youtu.be/CuTMauIAG2w) [Embed] [Embed]

Keep up with the cast of Season 1

>Missed a day?
Here's an archive that goes until day 20

Old >>185842638
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>space fairing civilization gets btfo by a bunch of blue lanklets with bows

Why doesn’t the RDA just use drones
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wtf is their problem
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why wasn't gadonposter banned yet
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Holy kino
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Woah this is totally what tolkien imagined for Aragorn.
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