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Thoughts? Does anyone even know who Laurel and Hardy are anymore?
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Sexiest women in horror kino history?

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Any will do, but bonus for vampire movie bitches
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Better Call Saul S04E07 - "Something Stupid"

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Discussion topics:

1) What version of "Something Stupid" should they have used for that kino montage instead of the one by some nobody named Lola Marsh?

2) What's Kim's plan when she realizes it after buying school supplies for her poor, wayward youth clients and their unfortunate children?
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Where my emmy at wh*toid?
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> Donald Glover wore white face at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards Monday night
brave... and powerful... she won...
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Cast them in the same movie

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Why do gay relationships look more appealing than straight ones in this movie?
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They could have been happy somewhere else