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He has a point, you know?
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> watches american beauty once
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Will it be as good as whiplash?
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Tarkin: What Went Wrong

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When you compare the R1 Tarkin actor to the CGI version of the same, it is virtually perfect. Yet Tarkin never quite looks right. Why?

I think it's because he was lit differently in R1.
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>one of these pricks starts a bar fight with you.

>the other overhears the commotion and backs you up.

Whos side are you on, /tv/?
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Goodnight sweet Prince

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Me on the left
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Wild Thornberrys

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Who here likes this show?
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ITT: Animation kino
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What are what you would consider movies that define what the 00's and our current 2010's feel like. Films like the breakfast club that can be pointed to as 80's culture in our own current time.

i'm currently putting a massive play list together in rough chronological order starting with Noah's Ark and ending at Dune with Blade runner/Aliens/ shared universe sort of standing in as a future setting after our current post modern one.

i'll dump the current list as it stands below. it varies in consistency, utilizing some fantastical elements which are played off in other movies as symbolism (its kept rather vague across the movies selected except for some impractical exceptions). A common theme is the encroachment of technology, borrowing heavily from Tolkien's themes, the later end of the list dealing with the eventual rise of AI. I've written some vague descriptions for most of the movies, occasionally trying to explicitly tie them together but haven't fleshed it out entirely. If your as autistic as i am you might enjoy it.
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