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Find a flaw.
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ITT movies with absolutely no black people in em

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List movies with no black people also including no background window dressing black people.

Ill start:

>Lord of the rings: fellowship of the ring
>Lord of the rings: two towers
>Lord of the rings: return of the king
>letters from iwo jima
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Luke did I ever tell you about subverting expectations?
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Did you know our favorite Star Wars babe is a homewrecker ?

Tom Bateman was engaged with Hannah Britland for years before he shot Orient and got snatched by the Xeno puss.

Adam Driver is another curious example of rumors, with him avoiding her like the plague and even bailing out on Oscar a couple of days ago in London once she showed up at the concert.

Makes u wonder
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dental plan. kiki needs braces.
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Yfw 75% of 4chan and 95% of /tv/ is pathetic friendless losers reposting variations of shit they saw other people reply to, because when people reply to their threads they feel like they have friends
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I fully expect it to be awful, but what if IX is actually good?
Chris Terrio and Lucas are involved, after all. It might not be another TFA.
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/rlg/-Reylo™ General

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Comfy Edition

Will we have any official Reylo content in 2018/19?
>New Forces of Destiny episode featuring Reylo, voiced by Daisy and Adam (TBA)
>TLJ Blu ray with ~20 minutes of deleted scenes (March 27th Trailer: )
>TLJ Novelization (6th march)
>More Reylo merchandising
>The Last Jedi Graphic Novel Adaptation Coming in May
>Expected days left for reconciliation ~ 652

Based content from Footnotes anon :

Some links:
Some Reylo quotes from directors and co. :
Adam interviews Daisy (for real, not a fanfic):
Rian ultimately confirms Reylo to a fan:

Short videos:

Long videos:

Thread archive:
Previous thread: >>95218361
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at what point exactly does a tushy become a butt?
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