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Friendly reminder.
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Casual reminder that the minute Christopher Tolkien dies the Tolkien Estate is going to authorise this man to make a new Silmarillion film trilogy. Will it be good?
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What are some underrated horror films?
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anyone know some good post apocalyptic or utopian/dysotopian movies on netflix?

I work a graveyard shift tomorrow night so i have to get back into my sleeping habit. Which means i need to be up all night.
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Sneed poster is confirmed underage.

time to abandon
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Fury Road

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Aw yeah, just got back from the cosco to get my copy of fury road. Anyone else picked it up?
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Honest to god, How can white women even compete?
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ultimate /tv/-meme POWERRANKING THREAD

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OK LADS we need to settle this.

which /tv/ meme has the biggest meme schlock of them all.

my rating is:

robert kinoplex posting
sheeve posting
>and your other X posting
idris elba
> watch it chrissy
was it kino?
*blocks your path*

lovecraftian posting

robert posting is by far the most creative and variable one
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