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Actors you are tired of seeing
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/who/ - Doctor Who General

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/who/ can see again but it doesn't matter because a stupid ape fucked up the world
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/tpg/ Twin Peaks General:

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It's an abstract kind of cool Edition


Meanwhile: >>83256461
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How much more will it take?

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Recently, a Eurobro suggested that the next "big attack" would cause a unification against the Muslim hoardes.
I just don't see it.
100 dead doesn't matter anymore.
1,000 dead doesn't matter.
Would 10,000? 20k?
What BIG event would have to happen, in the US or abroad, for mainstream media and public opinion to finally say "okay Abdul, you're fucking done". I'm talking ostricising if not outright DEPORTING all muslims.

My bet is a low yeild nuclear warhead at a national event like super bowl or inauguration. At LEAST 20k dead in an instant before it becomes unacceptable NOT to criticise Islam.
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Actresses today are ugly as shit

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Why did it flop so hard?

It's an enjoyable action flick.
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So we can all agree this movie is shite right
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3 active webm threads at once edition
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Are there any movies where Mexican girl pretends to be white, but is discovered because her nipples are brown?
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