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Are you excited for Vikings season 5?

I know I am
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What do you guys think of this movie? I thought it was going to be goofy considering Nic Cage but, but I found it to be be a really tightly written thriller. And it really gets dark. Darker than most moves these days. Nic actually feels traumatized by what he's seen. What do you think??
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Why is this movie so based? Check and mate atheists.
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>double mastectomy
>ovarian cancer
>now reveals she has bell's palsy
Is Angelina Jolie the unluckiest woman alive?
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Why does homer say "I think I'm blind"
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Hey /tv/, my gf is in the shower and wants to watch a movie when she gets out.

What should we watch?

Pic unrelated
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What's up forum?
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