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Harold Ramis dies today, aged 69

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How come Ariana Grande made it big but Victoria Justice did not?
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BEST F(R)IENDS Official Trailer

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As if anyone would pick right lmao
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>time to murder this child outside dumbledore's office in the middle of a school day because he took away my servant even though I'm rich enough to get another one; this will likely result into me going to Azkaban and my son getting expelled but who cares lol

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>Shows Koresh exiting the compound with his hands raised
>Shows ATF firing on the huskies and then on the Davidians without receiving fire
>States again and again how they could've just arrested Koresh without a siege
>Shows the ATF out like mowing down some unthreatening unarmed dude like some Germans from a WWII film
>Shows the ATF throwing their own guys under the bus to cover their fuckups
>Has the typecasted bloodthirsty military dude play the FBI agent who keeps trying to provoke the Davidians
>Keeps showing how the (((media))) was biased against the Davidians for the MOST PART
>The bald bearded Davidian who took out two or three ATF agents during the initial siege
Fucking. Perfect.
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What goes through actresses' heads when they're shooting scenes with the current wave of manlet stars like Jordi and Juan?
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>tfw no emma watson gf
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