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This is still one of the best movies ever made.
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So finally got to catch up. Dolores got bitched the fuck out, huh? Are we finally going to see her do something other than be angry.
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Biggest box office bomb of ALL time:

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>John Carter:
$130,000,000 - 213,000,000

>Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
$125,000,000 - $166,000,000

>Cutthroat Island

>Titan A.E.

>King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

147 million (at least0

Solo is up there with biggest box office bombs of all time. Top 10 for sure. Few of the films have a big range like John Carter.

Number adjusted for inflation, and taken from:
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World Peace Season 2

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What to expect from WP S2 in 2019...

Here's what we know:

>outside investors funding the series for a budget of 1 mil
>Nick Rochefort dumping between 60k-200k to make up for the difference in lacking investors
>the entire 4 episode season is written
>Charls agreed to 1 episode
>no Andrew Ruse directing
>Eggman and Don Jolly likely to fill in with Sam and Nick
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has anyone here seen "The Cub"?
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Is it kino?
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Actresses that made you go "Muh dick"
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>Incredibles 2

>Elastifags still don't see that Violet is superior in every way

imagine being home alone after a hard, tiring day and about to drink yourself to sleep as the depression hits, and then you feel a warm embrace and your invisible gf is giving you a playful hug

>but muh thicc

yeah okay
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Masters of Sex

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I heard that if you liked Mad Men, you should watch this. Is it true? Is it good, or is just "muh BLACKED, muh liberated sloots"?
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Does /tv/ watch asian reality shows like pic related?
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