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pika pika and pika pika
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What’s some good climbing kino?
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>watch season 13 of Always Sunny
>it's really bad
>doesn't even feel like Sunny
>some episodes are downright awful
>check out the writers on IMDB
>not one episode is written by the gang, just some randos
>check out episode 10
>written by Rob and Charlie
>about Mac coming out to his dad
>this is gonna be good at least one good episode in this terrible season
>watch the episode and get pic related

what the fuck happened to this show
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>you watching telly up there without a licence?
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>tfw no crazy neurotic carrie gf
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The eternal debate
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Who would you like to see guest star in the next season of Sabrina?
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I kinda enjoyed this movie to be honest. Liked it much better than 2001: Space Odyssey which I think is just as garbage as Blade Runner. I don't understand why people like those so much. They're worse than Star Trek and Planet of the Apes combined. BL It wasn't on par with a CW Orange or FMJ but definitely good.
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Whats up my nigga