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Explain how she's a Mary Sue.
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Was this game rigged?
>Joey guesses 'nana'
>Chandler 'she has a real name'
>guesses Althea and is correct
>next question
>Rachel chooses Literature
>Rachel 'Chandler gets it, its chandler bing'
why did Rachel get the automatic wrong, when Joey got another shot. Then.
>lightning round
>Chandler whispers something dirty
>"eww no, her ear!"
>then they switch
>"chandler was how old when he first touched a girls breast"
>"no 19" and next question
>Rachel yells 'HES A TRANSPONSTER"
Why didnt Ross pass on to the next question after getting the question wrong as he did in the previous 2 instances in the lightning round?

This thing was rigged from the beginning.
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Jesus Christ, Favreau. It's just a grilled cheese.
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With Ben Affleck not being interested at all in making The Batman movie right now since he has just come out of rehab due to alcohol addiction (his recent movie which he spent years crafting made only 21.7 million worldwide off a 65 million dollar budget which is sure to drive any director insane), it is safe to say that the DCEU is slightly doomed with no positivity in sight after Justice League releases and that WB is very likely to reboot the whole thing.

Just as this article says, the DCEU movies are complete random works of movies with no actual plan or pattern. From the serious depressive Man of Steel, Batman V Superman which had a slow pace to the very fast music video poppish pace of Suicide Squad which felt like it belonged in an entire different film series. And then now we have Justice League which judging by the trailers, Snyder has made it lighter toned with a lot of quips yet still has the film maintain a dark color theme where some scenes only have 2 colors: orange and blue.

I personally liked what Snyder did with Man of Steel and dont have too many problems with it. My problems of BvS range from Snyder cramming so much content into 1 movie as well as leaving out heaps of backstory of Batman which makes BvS feel like a sequel to some un-made movie (possibly The Batman movie will be a flashback fest explaining the Joker and Robin storyline but since Affleck isnt interested in making any movie now, who knows what the future for this DCEU you hold).

I really wanted a good Joker and Harley movie. Why did WB have to give us the pathetically edited Suicide Squad. So much wasted.
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The Legion season finale is Wednesday. Are you hyped?
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ITT: Actors who like to perform oral sex on themselves or have at least tried to do so
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How was the final episode? And how was Bones overall as a series?