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>We will never have a Kino Pentalogy of this game

Why even live?

Also, you liked this game?
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Hey guys what do you say about my Back to the future reboot poster?
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/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General

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Kyle is CUTE edition

Meanwhile >>85228537
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meow :3
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so this is basically shadowrun?
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They're steaming ahead with the rebooted universe

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In spite of Ghostbusters 2016 bombing and being hated by fans of the original as well anyone with good taste and being a PR nightmare for the studio, at SDCC Sony announced it isn't just doubling down on the reboot but TRIPLING down, wiping out the 2009 Ghostbusters video game which was made with all the original writers & actors and loved by fans & critics alike from continuity in favour of multiple sequels and crossovers with an emphasis on that mugging idiot Kate McKinnon
The ride never ends.
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>Cercei enters the castle's kitchen
>Gordon Ramsay is there with a pan over the fire
>"PAN NICE AND HOT-oh im so sorry, didnt see you there my queen"
>bows while looking at the camera
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What are the most aesthetic actors?
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