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The Conners is happening!
Roseanne wont get any money and will be killed off! It's a win-win for rational humans and a lose-lose for racists!
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>907 Neys until Avatar 2
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>2016 flick. Hotline Bling starts playing
>2017 flick. Despacito starts playing

What starts playing for a 2018 flick?
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What does Lucasfilm mean by this?
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Opening my gift from Zack Snyder!

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Zack Snyder sent gifts to people who contributed in the #BvS Refernce Challange
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How can any other comedy compete?
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Why are hard drugs supposed to be "bad" anyway? Why are they outlawed? There are much worse poisons such as bleach that you can buy from regular convenience stores with no incident! How is cocaine and opium and such considered worse?
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/tv/ alphabet
Try to keep it alphabetical
A is for ants
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