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ITT: Oh yeah that existed
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What upcoming summer movies are you looking forward to?

my list is...
>It Comes at Night
>Baby Driver
>War for the Planet of the Apes
>Atomic Blonde
>The Dark Tower
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How did David manage to infiltrate a civilizations home planet with bio-weapons so easily?

Why didn't the Engineers have any sort of advanced defense systems?

How come the Engineers home planet looked like a Roman-technology-tier city?

Why are people saying that David wiped out the engineers when its been shown that they've colonized and created installations out of other planets, IE Prometheus?

Are we to assume that a civilization which has been colonizing the known universe for likely millions of years is going to be defeated by a single android that had its shit pushed in, in Prometheus?

Can we assume that the Engineers will return in the sequel, since that's the only logical explanation for how the set-up to Alien will ever actually occur even though the engineer in that ship was millennia's old which discounts the fact that David was the first to have created them?
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Who is your favorite actor?
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Was the Silent Hill movie as good as the games /tv/?
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Why would you bring your phone to a cinema?
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Nitpicking Alien Covenant

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- Right off the bat, the very idea of staffing a ship, any ship, with a crew comprised entirely of married couples is a monumentally dumb idea. So dumb it’s almost admirably fitting in the context of it’s Promethian universe.
Surely a colonizing mission requires a little more to it than a load of people who like fecking each other a lot? Surely someone has to build stuff, and catalogue stuff, and cook stuff, and actually run stuff? Surely you don’t want to dramatically expand the population before you have the infrastructure to do so? Were all the brilliant but single candidates turned away? Were even the useless, bitchy, unfaithful partners of the best terraforming architects afforded a free space ticket, on the basis that constructing a new world from scratch is merely a precursor to the real goal of rampantly over-populating a barren rock?
Okay, it’s a dramatic narrative device, sure, but they have a gay couple, and mention a cache of stored embryos, so clearly even in this stupid universe "sinless baby making" isn't the sole requisite of this expedition. And even if it was, and transporting a gaggle of horny frozen couples is the sole primary objective of this bonkers jaunt, why would you ensure that the flight crew – the select elite group, responsible for flying the ship and required to make important objective decisions about the missions - are all similarly coupled up, guaranteeing they'll be emotionally compromised enough* to needlessly risk the entire mission because their lover’s Com cuts out for a bit.

- When the entire point of your set up relies on the emotional impact of all your characters being couples, it’d probably help a bit if the audience had at least some inkling of who was coupled with whom. Whilst it was admittedly fun trying to guess, based on which non-descript white 30 something seemed most upset by each death, not knowing anything about anyone’s relationships did somewhat lessen the presumably intended pathos.

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what are some kinos about strong women?
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ITT: Moments you've reacted or felt like reacting in this way to a show or movie you've watched

Dexter's series finale was pretty high up there for me.
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