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itt: post apocalypse kino
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Enterprise was the very best Star Trek series ever produced. It was Star Trek done right.

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No faggots
No feminism
Less technobabble
More realism
More character
Interesting aliens
Solid storytelling

Trektards hate it because it isn't gay enough.

Note: This thread is for discussion of Series 5 only. Please take discussion of all other series' to a general or other thread. Thank you.
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Fuck Netflix - Let's think up a perfect streaming service for /tv/

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>what existing kino would you add?
>what existing telekino would you add?
>what kind of original movies or TV shows would you create or buy?
>any genres you would completely avoid?
>any genres you would focus on?
>how much would you charge?
>would you venture into live programming?
>how would you deal with piracy?
>what will you offer that Netflix, Amazon and Hulu don't already offer?

Let's do this, /tv/.

There's horror streaming services like Shudder, truekino streaming services like Filmstruck, and even a found footage streaming service.

Surely we can make one that /tv/ would actually pay for.
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Star Trek

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Which Star Trek series and movies do I have to watch before Star Trek: Discovery?

I've seen TOS, TAS, the six original films and the first season of TNG
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Cast this young miscreant in the last movie you watched.
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now that the dust has settled, can we finally all agree that this was kino?
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