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this fucking movie
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Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?
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Biopic fucking when?
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>tfw too much of a brainlet to understand it on first watching
>tfw too short an attention span to manage to marathon it again and try to piece that mess into a plausible sequence
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So have you seen the trailer for the new Lost in Space Netflix series?

>we want to remake a series
>b..but the original cast was all white - that's a problem!
>don't worry, we'll figure something out
>okay, but the main cast was a white family
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Wonder Woman 2

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So given this film is pretty much a certainty, who would you like to see as the villain for Wonder Woman 2? Can't really see them going with Greek gods again.
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When did you first realize all women are whores? Even the quiet innocent girl that sits in the back of your uni class is defintely a whore.
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>He thinks Rachel was in the right
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*steals ALL your balloons*