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/ttg/ - The Terror General

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It’s Not Even Subtle Edition
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This cunt does NOTHING but rip off other filmmakers, specifically those from the 70's. Boogie Nights is his only good film while there are only TWO types of characters in his trash; the cool calm sage or the raving and/or blithering fucking fucking idiot. There's no inbetween.

Hard Eight = Sidney Lumet
Boogie Nights = Martin Scorsese
Magnolia = Robert Altman
Punch Drunk Love = Hal Ashby
There Will Be Blood = Terrence Malick
Inherent Vice = Once again Altman, specifically The Long Goodbye.
The Phantom Thread = Seems to be his attempt to ape the style of Marchant/Ivory period films.

Seriously, his movies are bland trash and anyone who thinks otherwise if fooling themselves!!!FACT!!!
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>Sneed is about to win
>dramatic music swells
>Chuck appears behind him
>fucks and sucks
>*record scratch*
>everyone says "OOOOOOOOOH" in unison
>all the guys sell their stores in sympathy pain
>dog puts paws over eyes and whimpers
>Homer quips "THAT'S GOTTA HURT"
>close up on Sneed's face with him cross eyed
>he says in a silly high pitched voice while looking in the camera
>"Wowie zowie! Riiiiiiiiight in my feed and seed!"
>Cut to Ian Maxtone-Graham sitting drinking a coffee
>"Formerly Chuck's!"
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Describe this character in one word.
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Well I seen a little on /tv/ - Television & Film
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>*ruins your entire fucking show*
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just finished watching this

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who was in the wrong?

was it theft or were the winklevoss just butthurt he had a better idea?
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Miyazaki praises Isle of Dogs, slams those who call it cultural appropriation

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>Speaking on a Japanese language film industry podcast, Mr. Miyazaki stated that Wes Anderson's film was "A fine tribute to the cultural exchange between the United States and Japan" and "the greatest example of stop motion animation and analog techniques in the digital age."

>He addressed the concerns of some Japanese and Japanese-Americans who feel that the film appropriated Japanese culture: "It certainly references our culture but that cannot be called a bad thing, and should not be discouraged. Porco Rosso, for instance, could never have been made if it was unacceptable to write fiction that was set outside one's own nation or language. That film was far harsher in its depiction of Europeans and Americans than Isle of Dogs is in its depiction of Japan and not one complaint reached me from the west regarding it. I only heard praise."

>Films like Isle of Dogs are a hopeful sign: "A few generations ago Americans were seriously considering carrying out a genocide against the Japanese, and they did use two nuclear weapons against us. Today the same country makes films like this about our nation. It is a testament to the power of peace."
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