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>I borrowed one of your shirts, anon. Hope you don't mind.
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Who became Kubrick's true successor? Despite Spielberg trying to make himself that, it's obvious that hack fraud is nothing but a glorified businessman.
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>Coked out Hollywood exec: our market study algorithms tell us 78% of the young male demographic has enjoyed your movie called The Raid, we have analysed its formula and decided to add it to our next blockbuster, this is a guaranteed marketing strategy for success so we want you on board.
>Indonesian Bruce Lee: Oh so you have finally decided to learn from your mistakes and listen to common sense and just make a clean old fashioned action movie without bullshit like quips and and forced drama, just good choreography and simple editing that just showcases the fighting moves clearly instead of retarded 10 cuts per second and headache inducing shaky cam nonsense?
>Coked out Hollywood exec: What? No, no. We're getting Israeli Michael Bay to direct and making sure ADHD is a central theme of the film so American kids can relate. Don't ask questions, you're getting a big fat check and we know better than you. Welcome to Hollywood kid.
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Whats your actual non meme opinion on this?
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Do you think he'll ever get shot or attacked one day? Do the security guys hiding in the background have a gun permanently trained at the predators heads?
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I enjoyed this.
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>bad guys name is Sauron
>second in command name is Sauronman
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