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Itt: Nice movie poster
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Name a more tortured character, you can't
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I watched this film last night for the first time
I liked the emotional core of Deckard, from the way he first meets Rachael you can tell he thinks Replicants are just things
As a trans woman there was something appealing to me in Rachael's character

You have Deckard instantly dehumanising Rachael when he realises that she is a replicant, referring to her as an 'it' and then when Rachael follows him home in a vain attempt at proving that she is human Deckard just brutally tears into her, mocking the idea that she could be a human because she has all of these memories
I think seeing Rachael's reactions to this made Deckard question his attitude and wonder if there was something more to her, he began to empathise with a 'thing'
Not sure what that thing about Deckard blocking Rachael's exit was about, it made me uncomfortable and seemed out of character

It seemed like mortality was a huge theme
I got the impression that Roy already kind of expected that a cure was impossible but was just going through the motions
All the other replicants were so desperate to live but Roy accepted it
The tears in the rain speech always seemed melodramatic to me but seeing it in the context of the film was extremely poignant, it made me cry and I think it served as the final confirmation to Deckard of the humanness of the replicants that they could reflect and feel such things about their own lives

I'm not sure what to think of the unicorn yet
What did you think about Blade Runner?
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Other than Eternal Sunshine and The Truman Show, what's some God-tier Jim Carrey kino?
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Gurren Lagann

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I thought you said this anime was good.
you lied.
you lied to me.
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ITT: Random inconsequential lines from television and film that live rent free in your head for some reason.

>You sell socks?
>Only white.
>White is all I wear.
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>”I told ya Doc, tell Truman I’m done being his errand boy.”
>”Opp… it’s the Nazis… they kidnapped Clara…”
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What the actual FUCK are their problems?

Why we still ripping off le quirky comedy parks n rec in 2023? Will comedy ever evolve?