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Teepo edition
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Finally watching the Sopranos and getting to the end. Why didn't anyone tell me the best Mad Men waifu is in it?
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Rate my gf bros.
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Black Mafia Family

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Anyone else looking forward to it?
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Is Andrew Callaghan reddit?
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Look kids, how awesome is this? Your favourite Star Trek actor is going to space!
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What did you guys think of this movie? At first watch I didn't care for it, but it's one of my favorites now. A definite slow burner
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Hi, this is Kristen Stewart (also known as KStew)

For years, KStew has delivered one fine performance after another over many years without any recognition.

Today, KStew is about to get the long await credit she has deserved thanks to her performance in Spencer.

Respond with "I beieve in KStew" if you know she was good before 2021.
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