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What did he say to her?
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Lol he literally did nothing wrong through the whole movie.
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Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more movies with this 'repeating the same day' theme? Not as good as Groundhog Day for sure.. but gimme some suggestions. I love time travel movies .. and this theme is sort of time travel ..
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>The Leftists cried and felt sorry for a digitally realistic A.I. clone of real people from a fictional tv show whilst at the same time allow pregnant young woman to kill their unborn babies in the real world
I don't get this world
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Would you say that there's any ethnic/cultural/religious group in particular that's more responsible than all the others for the presence of filth and degeneracy in modern television and cinema???
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>Rich snobs constantly cheat on each other
Who actually enjoys this?
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Why did he have to wear a chicken costume for his own goddamn retail chains commercial?
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Sup, nigga.

You wanna talk some shit?

Call me. Start some shit. Bitch.
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Bohemian Rhapsody

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Did you like it?
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