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>Wonder Woman continues to impress as its final marketing stage hits. Reviews are expected to come online around Memorial Day, and if positive enough, they could help send the film into buzz overdrive before release next week. Before then, though, tracking has continued to inch closer to the levels of Man of Steel. We’re increasingly in the “bullish” camp at this point.

>Wonder Woman $111,000,000 OW (+19%)

Also, femininazis hate WW and water is wet.
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itt fuck you I liked it
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Rotten Tomatoes shutdown when? Enough people in Hollywood are pissed off now seeing the fate of their films decided by the whims of fat Internet bloggers.
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Why wasn't Jack banging the fuck out of these two bitches?
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>"So you're sitting on your couch, watching /tv/ and your life is passing you by."
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even (((they))) know it's going to be bad.
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>scene set in the army
>commanding officer walks in
>"alright ladies!"
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Would you have gone with her?

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