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What do you suppose CIA meant by this?
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>make first movie
>gets 71% on rotten tomatoes

>make second movie
>also insert nigger "culture" because its "in" right now
>goofy-nigger dialogs
>das racis card
>gets 43% on rotten tomatoes
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>on porch watching S11E5
>intense argument between Homer and Sneed at the Seed and Feed
>slouch in my rocking chair and yell, "THIS CITY-SLICKER FINNA GET SNEEDED (formerly chucked) ON"
>everyone laughs
>Chuck sucks his fucks and says, "You aight, Mr. Gucci Loafers"
>hear "He cute" from Sneed
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would you go to a netflix theater?
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Who is the better actress?
Masha or Veronika?
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>he calls films "movies"
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What happeneed to his nose?

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