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MOTY 2017
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Whas he the only sane man in Zion ?
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So, Comic-Con 2017 is here.
What are your expectations?
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When are they going to stop bullying him?
pure bullying disguised as banter, I think Mike is a fucking douchebag and should stop picking on him before Rich an heros.

I always cringe and feel bad for Rich. Mike is the real dumb fat ugly fucker who takes out his on insecurities on his punching bag Rich.
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What were some long awaited sequels that were actually worth it?
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Did this only air on TV? Have you seen it? Is it good? Where can I find a copy?
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>Guys. I've got this great idea! Let's make Star Wars: A New Hope.
>Oh, an homage. I suppose I can see that. So what's the twist?
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