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Will America Chavez get a movie or a tv show?
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The killing of the sacred deer

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What the fuck did I just watch
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Film Ideas Thread

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>1. You must come up with the idea RIGHT NOW, older ideas you had earlier don't count
>2. Plot outline in 100 words or less
Insane multi-billionaire wants to know what WWI "really was like", builds an underground army of soldiers and manages to assemble nukes. He then nukes Paris and occupies Fort Douaumont in Verdun. He then contacts the French Government and gives them an ultimatum: The French people have one month to capture his stronghold in Verdun, otherwise, two additional nuclear missiles (stationed in Verdun) will be fired on Marseille and Lyon. The French may only mount an infantry assault, using only weapons that existed in 1916 (or modern variants thereof). Any other tactic or any additional weapons, nukes get fired.
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Irish>Italian edition
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Is this the greatest theme song in television history?
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Is this true?
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leave it to the french to save kino once again
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Wait a minute, in Harry Potter what's stopping a magic user from buying Felix Felicis, going to Vegas or doing the lottery, and then using that Muggle money in exchange for Wizarding money, thus making you richer? I'm sure there'd be some serious magical spells in Wizard gambling, but I doubt the Venetian in Vegas has such protections, because I doubt they hired a wizard to guard their shit lol

I mean shit, shouldn't there be constant trickery by wizards towards Muggles that would essentially be theft? And hell, why aren't there any nazi or commie wizards constantly assassinating Muggle politicians by putting their bodyguards under the Imperius Curse or something? Why do the wizards just have next to zero interaction with Muggles when they could essentially make them do anything with any variety of spells and potions?
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Tell me again, how it happened.