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thoughts on this tushy?
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What the hell happened to this show? It started out as a grounded, near-future show about space politics, then in Season 2 it's just 'aliens lmao'
Never seen another show start out so well then lose my interest so quickly.
Even GoT took several seasons to phase out the politics before getting shit.
Miller was the only good part of Season 2, but as great as his death scene with Julie was, after he died I cba to watch anymore
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see, and that's how you do it
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movies women can't ever understand
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If another Fist of the North Star film were in the works, who would you pick for Kenshiro?

I think Tom Hardy would suit the role, mostly because of his performance in Mad Max: Fury Road.
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after the success of Wonder Woman, will we get a Supergirl movie?
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How did a systems analyst end up in a small town like Arlen? Do those towns even have those kind of jobs?
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Who did the dicks?
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Find a more likeable actor.

Pro-tip : you can't
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