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Which pornstars like Eskimo kissing dicks? I need more of this t b h.
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Is he /ourguy/?
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Lower than war for the planet of the apes, Logan and baby drive and the same score as Homeflopping and Wonder woman. Has Nolan been exposed?
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Why are they always pushing interracial couples in TV and film and how come it always seems to be a white woman/black man and hardly ever black woman/white man?
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This was surprisingly entertaining.

>that Bane voice
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What does /tv/ think of Demi Moore?
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No self-respecting adult should buy comics or watch superhero movies

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>Can we all please grow up? Can we acknowledge that Marvel and DC have scraped right though the bottom of the barrel? Can we call time on superhero films? Films which are too dark for kids the comics were originally written for, yet too dumb for any thinking adult

>Of course most of the superhero films aren’t actually crap in the way that The Last Airbender or Gigli were crap. Many of them are nicely shot and use A-list actors. They often have talented directors. They even get decent reviews (although the same cannot be said for Batman V Superman). And yet, an hour after watching the latest iteration of Superman/Batman/Iron Man/The Flash/The Green Lantern, I can barely remember anything about it.

>The trouble is the source material. In the case of Batman and Superman, this was originally written for ten-year-old boys. A man who can fly with lasers in his eyes. A man who dresses as a bat dispensing justice to bad guys. It’s fun but it’s fundamentally very silly stuff; it has pre-teen built into its DNA.