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>I don’t tip.

Well enjoy getting spit in your food Mr. Pink.
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the great debate
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/ftl/ - Fish Tank Live #1158

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"How to become an e-girl attention whore in 12 easy steps" Edition

if you wake up one day and /ftl/ is no longer on /tv/ check >>>/trash/
>Who won?
Josie won the grand prize of $35,000
>Was Letty a plant?
No, but she decided to play the villain at some point during the 6 weeks. She would go to the producers for approval on her activities. She won $20,000
>Will there be a season 2?
Yes, in the winter

Watch Josie's YouTube video: Josie's First Stream! With Sam Hyde and Jet Neptune Fishtank Q&A Highlight Clips ( [Embed]

Keep up with the cast of Season 1

>Missed a day?
Here's an archive that goes until day 20

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Not even the biggest Funko Pop collecting retards seem to be happy about the MCU anymore. Do you think X-Men can reignite interest in this floundering franchise?
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Love the tears of racist white men :)

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>think I like all of Tarantinos films
>turns out I love the first three and the last one and moderately dislike the rest

Well fuck.
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>lmfao dude the audience is gonna shit their pants laughing at this big panda plushie, holy shit we need multiple jokes about it they will be pissing themselves
Why were the writers of Taken 3 like this?
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What went wrong?
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