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Who did the dicks?
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Find a more likeable actor.

Pro-tip : you can't
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My Autistic Conspiracy

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>watch the prequel trilogy for the first time in 12 years since 5th grade of elementary school
>expect for it to be shit
>they're actually very memorable, complex, ambitious and enjoyable blockbusters
>granted they have some stupid-ass moments we all know
>still, how could these have worse vitriol than the capeshit we are getting today?

I don't know, sometimes I think the msm was up to its tricks even 10 years ago, smearing Lucas's name so he'd feel ashamed and give up Star Wars to a corporation that'd milk it dry. I'm probably just imagining things but I feel like I was hating these movies for ten years only because everyone else said so.
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Thoughts on its body of work?
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>it's a millionaire host of a car tv show aired in dozens of countries haggles over 100 pounds with a broke ass dude episode
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What is his end game?
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what was for dinner?
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Why old movies feel so comfy /tv ?

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i don't know but every time i see a movie from 30s ,40s ,50s i feel comfy AF i wish i live in those times dammit,, why this happens goys?
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ITT We reverse translate movie/show titles from our native language back into English. Others try to guess the original title

TV Shows:
>Law of the Street
>Times Square Chronicles
>The Detective
>Forbidden Empire
>Who'll be brave enough?
>Bobby vs the Old Guys
>Head of the Family
>Out of this world
>Sunny Patrol
>Left Behind
>Criminal Mysteries of New York

>Glass Trap
>Is there a pilot onboard?
>Spinning Sex
>Electronical Murderer
>Time of the Apocalypse
>Underground Circle
>Barbell and Cash
>Welcome to the Club
>Las Vegas Parano
>'Till the loss of force
>City of Wrath
>Hunter of the Androids
>Gods of the Street
>Half joke, half truth
>Rebel of choice
>Old lady must go
>School of Feelings
>Young and Furious
>Orbiting without sugar

have fun cocksuckers
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