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I'm going to watch the first episode

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Haunting of Hill House

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Well this was way better than I expected. First two episodes I've watched have been creepy kino.
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>character is 3 days away from retirement
>dies on the job
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THIS was the 'old-fashioned' film that finally sunk the New Wave in 1966 and has gone on to become - with more than 17 million paid admissions - the most successful/popular French film ever.

It proves, if proof were needed that Truffaut was full of merde when he attacked so viciously just this kind of film and film maker in his infamous essay 'A Certain Tendency ...' and it leaves his own pathetic efforts like the 400 Yawns dead in the water. Actually if you hold it under a strong light there's nothing here that we haven't seen before indeed its roots stretch extend deep under the Atlantic and surface in Hollywood in the Silent Era.

Its secret is possibly no more than it came at the right time; in 1966 French moviegoers had had enough of the anti-films being ground out by the Godards and Truffauts and were staying away from the box-office in droves. But give them two superb comedians (Bourvil, Louis de Funes) at the top of their game, a 'professional' script by Daniel Thompson (her first, and what a debut) and equally professional direction by her father (Gerard Oury) and it didn't much matter that the rest of the cast were fifty per cent wood, fifty per cent plastic - Timeless comedy.
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looks like DC kino is back on the menu
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I came across this on Reddit about Witcher Netflix

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So is Netflix the cause of these changes or is it the showrunner? I looked at Lauren S Hissich's twitter and I see that she and her followers bash anybody that can see her casting fucked up bigtime.
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Prove you're not a bloody foreigner!
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why did this depict catholicism in such a negative light
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