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What is this expression trying to convey?
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Zazie Beetz In Talks To Join Joaquin Phoenix In The JOKER Movie

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>THR broke the news while cautioning that the deal is not finalized yet - but if the Deadpool 2 actress does sign on, she will play "a single mother who catches the interest of the man who will become the Clown Prince of Crime."
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>I'm communicating with people not on this island
Shane was the best Survivor character
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scenes that made you shit your pants as a kid

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>be me, like 9 years old
>mom buys me a Spiderman the new animated series dvd cause I love Spiderman
>watching it happily, love the way it looks
>I hope venom appears in it at some point
>I loved the venom as a kid
>watching the electro episode, get to tv scene
>electro starts to talk to scared girl alone in room through tv
>a little nervous, is creepy
>she gets up to unplug tv, it don't work
>oh shit
>electro begins to talk backwards
>little kid me literally gets the chills
>go to bed at 7pm instead of watching tv until 8:30 because little me doesn't want to be anywhere near any tv in the dark for like 4 weeks

so what's your mentally scarring childhood scene /tv/?
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Louisiana Caviar Nudity Review

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>10 minutes into Louisiana Caviar we briefly see Lia Marie Johnson topless in bed asleep, lying on her back with her breasts fully exposed.

>Later on in the film Katharine McPhee has a couple of scenes in a white top which is very slightly see-through
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>reply based
>to a post that's not even based

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/bb/ Big Brother 20

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HOH: - Sam
Veto: - TBD
Nominations: - TBD
App Store Winner: TBD
Crap App: TBD

previously on /bb/: >>101280237
Wednesday: Veto
Thursday: Live eviction
Sunday: HoH Noms + BB App
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