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>look anon, i got a new pet!
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Is modeling comparable to acting? If so, were the performances at the Victoria's Secret fashion show believable?
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This is a standard grade trained soldier of late Empire.

Capable of being a pilot and co-pilot gunner
Trained in hand to hand combat
Operator combat tactics
And marksmanship


I mean, like... Why didn't Empire just won back at Episode IV?
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After Last Jedi being a shitfest, they have the dude who wrote BvS to finish off their trilogy? What the fuck do they mean by this?
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what are some kinos with this aesthetic?
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Favorites of the year?
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Is it really any worse than TFA?

Or is it just normie bandwagoning?
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>Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out
>He likes it
>Now that a new Spider-Man is announced and the ASM sequels are canned, he changes his opinions to be like those of other people
>He now hates ASM2


Can you name a bigger cuck than Chris Suckmenn?
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I loved The Last Jedi save for one thing and that's the death of Luke Skywalker

Why'd the movie have to fake us out like that? First it looks like he's going to be ok and just tricked Kylo Ren but then he dies anyway? At least his sendoff is poetic and a lot better than Han's.

But man, Hamill is so fucking good in the movie, he just owns it and it seems like a wats eot kill him off rather than have "old man Luke" be an ongoing character.
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