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ITT: Dead Careers

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Who is your scifi waifu?
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films with mosts scores on the poll
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>basic plot
>paper thin characters
>bad acting
>pretentious as fuck
>awful editing
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what are some examples of contemporary asian kino?
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>watch Twin Peaks seasons 1 and 2
>absolutely fall in love
>so wholesome, feel nostalgic for a place I never was
>fucking PISSED about the cliffhanger ending
>watch Fire Walk With Me
>kino horror, a bit off put by all the sex scenes but it's important for Laura's story
>start watching season 3
>first episode sex scene for no reason
>all the characters suck
Why should I even bother watching it, none of the characters I know and love have their stories resolved
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Now the dust has settled... Who's the better character?
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>childhood is laughing at Uncle Rico
>adulthood is realizing Uncle Rico was right