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It's over edition
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Could it actually be good?
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Star Trek Holodeck vs Matrix Construct. Which would you rather have access to and why?
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This movie is pure bait. Pretty bad.
I've seen many television films with more depth. Predictable, linear and naive. Unsatisfying ending.
This is all you can with the "porn industry"? Really? It looks more of a movie about high schoolers.
The MC is ok, but everybody else ranges from mediocre to straight bad.
Nothing to write home about.
The soundtrack has its own identity thanks to a particular mix of opera/classic with modern beats, but again, sound doesn't add much to the overall experience of watching this movie.
>Woke propaganda
- Swedish men bad.
- White male bad.
- Black men good.
>WTF moment
The part where she does rape porn and she gets btfo. It seemed like stretching reality to spread woke propaganda.

Boogie Nights is way superior and I remember watching another "porn industry" movie as a kid which was way better, but I don't remember the title.
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What's the best DBZ movie
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why did she not give her kid the chance to survive?

This scene is being celebrated very casually, but if you think about it she just decided to burn her baby to death to determine how she herself went out...she was dead anyway, why kill the kid?

What a bitch
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Implying this fat fuck could even kill Paulie if he wanted to.
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Is this true?
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/hor/ - Horror General

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The Crow Of The Scare Edition

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why doesn't china have movies
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