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Why is he so perfect?
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What took them so long?
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Season 4 premiered today
Did you like it?
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Actors you believe will make a strong comeback
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Doctor Who General /who/

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SEXY edition

died from an STDL >>88018976
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It looks like dog kino is back on the menu
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God DAMN this was shit

>pacing is crazy rushed, jump scares happen every 7-8 minutes completely negating their own effect
>for the same reason the characters (maybe outside of Bev and Bill) are poorly developed
>CGI is mediocre at best
>there is no buildup to the kids rebelling against It, they go from "holy fucking shit I'm leaving this town" to "ok let's kill this ancient demon" in like 10 minutes
>this may just be me but IMAX was a hindrance (again), the scenes were so loud that instead of being spooked I was just thinking "damn this is too loud"
I didn't even particularly like the books but I still think they've been done a massive disservice with this one
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>south park is now shit
>simpsons went to shit long ago and is still on life support
>same goes with Family Guy
>Rick and Morty is shit
>Game of Thrones is ultra-shit
>Late Night is shit
>news is now joke worthy
>superhero films and star wars overwhelm the box office
>films like Dunkirk barely scrape by
>Rotten Tomatoes is what makes up peoples minds about whether they want to see a movie or not
>Netflix keep buying the rights to things and making shitty indie looking movies and boring superhero series

What else will this wonderful year bring to the entertainment industry?
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So who's behind the doxxing of the female writters? Is it infinite chan? Reddit? Is it us?
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