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Death Note: Petition to boycott film at centre of whitewashing debate scores over 10,000 signatures

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>A petition to boycott Netflix's upcoming adaptation of popular Japanese Manga Death Note has gone viral, successfully hitting its goal of 10,000 signatures.

>The backlash was sparked following the release of the first trailer of the film which showed white actors in the film's lead roles. The Care2 petition currently has been signed by more than 12,000 people.
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Do we like this yet?
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ITT: Snubbed Movies

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Why did this good movie get snubbed? it should've gotten at least 6 or 7 oscar nominations.
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lads I just mixed some keif into my tea (don't worry, it has milk so the THC should bind). what kino should I watch while I become euphoric not due to any false god, but due to my own stoner activities?
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Why was Bioware so god damn obsessed with her? The first character ever showed from the game was her and her dumb smile, then this fucking image was one of the most spread from the game, and then in every single trailer Peebee and her dumb face was there god damn they even released her personal quest walktrought before the launch

Is she space jesus or something?
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IT (2017)

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Does clown horror work in 2017? Kids dont even know what clowns are
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>it's an Ashley episode
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ITT: kino episodes of American Dad

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Pic very related
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Well, when are we getting a Tyrone Wayne replacement to atone for our privilege, /tv/?
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