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Today is #KubrickDay

Holy fuck!

What is your best Kubrick's?
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What did he mean by this?

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>Tom Holland: We're shooting the scene that Jacob auditioned with. It's amazing to see how far we've come. From day one we were thrown into the deep end. We had a really difficult scene to do.

>Jon (Watts) was really cool, making sure we bonded before we were shooting. And Jacob lives with us now. I'm here with my best friend from home. He came over one day and he just hasn't left yet. He's been here for nearly a month and a half and hasn't moved back.

>Jacob Batalon: You know, I'm not going to lie. I did complain about the hotel I was staying at.

>Tom Holland: There was one moment where I said to Harrison, “is he going to go? He's moved in. We have loved having him.
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The Case of the Tattooed Baby

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TL;DR: OP of previous thread discovered an 8mm film at a thrift store containing footage of an aborted fetus being tattooed and placed among several occult items, including a rose and a skull. Here are our clues:

>Card with "CHEZ NELLY" written on it. Chez Nelly is a celebrity-run restaurant formerly owned and operated by Gert Jan Droge and Nelly Frijda (who is currently a Dutch politician).
>Tattoos: a quick google search by an anon yielded the name Hank Schiffmacher, a contributor to Chez Nelly and professional tattoo artist who does work on several famous actors, musicians, etc. He is also a huge campagin contributor to Frijda's political career.

Relevant Wikipedia articles:

If some anons have all the relevant images to post, including additional evidence and findings, it would be much appreciated. Let's catch the person who made this.
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Who would win in a fight?

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Are you excited for Vikings season 5?

I know I am
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*falls down stairs and dies*
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>breaks and enters
>gets a fake law degree
>scams people compulsively
>takes a shit on a guys kids
>Jimmy, maybe you shouldn't be a lawyer
haha dude Chuck was such an asshole
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/tv/'s thoughts on him?
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Am I missing something here?
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Is it possible to get a job in Hollywood if you're not a liberal?
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