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Am I the only one that doesn't think John Travolta is gay?
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Consider this for a moment,

>1 Billion USDollar Budget

What would your cinematic epic be about? and how would you split the budget?
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What are you favorite Youtube channels, series, and videos? Feel free to share them here, looking for new stuff to watch.
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>We need Emma Stone but cheaper.
>Say no more.
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So how's Cecilia?
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Pah-Wraiths are the true prophets edition
>"Wormhole Aliens" please head to /std/ I hear it's way funner
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>reylo general
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What are some movies about history repeating itself
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>Black Panther ranks as the fourth best second weekend ever behind The Avengers’ $103M; the second best-ever for a Marvel movie and the best sophomore session for any title in the pre-summer period
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Former Black Panther on film "Black Panther"


>I finally got around to seeing the Black Panther movie Tuesday. I’ve been black nearly seven decades. My blackness does not require affirmation from the Disney/Marvel Comics Universe, where Tony Stark is a greedy Pentagon contractor, where Captain America is a genetically modified organism, where the Wakandan king and the wannabe king both work with/for the CIA, and where Daredevil’s pals (season 1 episode 4) note that investigative reporting on “teachers union scandals” is as personally perilous as crossing the Mafia.

>For those of us aiming to build a better world, this movie is nothing short of enemy propaganda.


>In the Black Panther movie, all the Wakandan players are royalty, their counselors, their advisors or their rivals. All the strikingly beautiful and capable Wakandan women take orders from men. The only unambiguous good guy is the Frodo looking CIA agent. The homicidal Killmonger character is calculated to sully the very notion of black rebellion against unjust authority, while Pan Africanism and humanism are defecated upon from multiple angles. Cinematic bar fights, car chases and battle scenes are a dime a dozen, and worst of all Wakanda isn’t even rendered in any visually inspiring way.
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