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/got/ general

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37 days until boatsex edition
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Biggest Faggot in Star Trek?

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In the Star Trek TNG S6E07 several of the characters get into an transporter accident which turns them into younger versions of themselves. One of the characters is the wife of Miles O'Brien (the transporter control guy). His asian wife get's turned into this qt3.14 loli of pic related.

Now normally you would think a guy would be super excited about the idea of being married delicious loli, with years of hard teenage sex ahead of you. But then the guy pulls this conversation:

>"It's... I don't know, but this feels wrong somehow."
>"Miles Edward O'Brien, I am still your wife."
>"- Technically, yes. "
>"- Technically?"
>"No, I-I mean, of course you're my wife. But you're also ten years old."
>"Beverly said it's actually closer to 12."
>"- That's not the point. -"
>"So what is the point? – Is our marriage over?"
>"- I didn't say that. But until they find a way to reverse this effect, it's hard to ignore the fact that you're a little girl."
>- Miles O' Brien and Young Keiko

I think it's quite arguable that Miles has to be the largest faggot in the history of Star Trek.
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LOTR: The 2 Towers

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>it is likely that we go to our doom..THE LAST MARCH OF THE ENTS
>not even one ent dies

uhm..drama queen much?
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What are some 7/10 movies?
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Bleak Thrillers recs

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Let's repeat this thread.
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Rise of the Dawn of the War of the Planet of the Apes

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Watching the first movie, I can't help but think of how Caesar would be ashamed at the arrogance and corruption of the apes currently in charge of the government at the time of the original movie.

Yeah I know it was a political statement at the time, but still.
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One Piece live-action TV series by Hollywood is announced to celebrate 20th anniversary

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What was the moral of the story in Taxi Driver?
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Why are there some plots revolved around whether or not a character can say that they love the other character?

This isn't even a problem in real life