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What movie?

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Appreciated if anyone knows this movie:

I saw it couple of times as a kid back in 90s from tv. I'd say it was produced either in the 90s, or late 80s.

The plot resolves around a man who lives in a house that the city wants to demolish in order to build a new road (highway, motorway, idr). Of course the guy doesn't like the idea, and lots of other townspeople side with him.

There's a scene where a woman, the romantic interest, cooked a dinner for them at the house, and she used chili in it, but she advises the guy to eat the rice to hide the burning in his mouth, instead of drinking water.

The end scene has all the good guys on the porch vs. the evil city with their demolisher machines facing them. The guy gets to keep the house.
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"Every night she'd drink me under the table...

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And I'd eat her out when I was down there.

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>Oh hey Jim, you want to try to start your own company doing something you love and not just be a paper salesman for the rest of your life? Get fucked lmao.
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Ok so what the fuck is up /tv/ I had a bit to drink and a couple adderalls earlier today for lunch and decided to sit down and watch Infinity War and like. Holy shit. This is the most meta movie in existence. This isn't just a superhero movie. This is a movie *about Disney*. This movie is about the exact studio that produced this movie, and it's not a positive outlook.

Fucking think about it. Thanos has traveled across the universe, for years, to collect all the infinity stones. He thinks he'll be a benevolent force, but he still wishes to make decisions for everyone across the entire universe. He intends to do so by collecting infinity stone after infinity stone, until he has them all in the palm of his hand (or right outside the palm of his hand), controlling everything. Disney just fucking buys up property after property, studio after studio. They bought Marvel. They bought Star Wars. They bought fucking Fox. They are scooping up every other major competitor they have. And sure, they may think they're doing so in an attempt to bring entertainment to new audiences. But they still have control, they still make sure everything that happens is under their control, and in line with their philosophies.

I'll explain more, I will, but 4chan post text character limits are ABYSMALLY low

Part 1 of ?
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Post an overrated classic and an underrated classic

Overrated: Casablanca
Underrated: Gone with the Wind
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what are your honest thoughts on David Lynch's DUNE /tv/? Excited for Denis' adaption?
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Thoughts on video essays?
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Is this the biggest FUCK YEAH moment in the history of cinema?
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Movies with this aesthetic?
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Now that the dust has settled, was it kino?
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