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>tfw Superbad came out 10 years ago
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Is Only God Forgives a masterpiece? Why am I the only one that loves this movie?
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Modern capeshit will never have a scene as brilliant as this

That atmosphere, that visual dynamism, unthinkable on the modern plastic Marvel movies. Raimi was a master of his craft, RIP
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New trailer out Silicon Valley

>so reddit
>fuck off reddit

Now that's out of the way, who is hyped?
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How do you think this guy's career as Batman went?
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Ghost in the Shell spoilers by a SJW @sofakissen

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>Let's talk about the whitewashed trainwreck that is "Ghost in the Shell"... if you still want to watch the movie: beware of spoilers.

The movie argues that Scarlett Johannson is actually Japanese. The whitewashing is a plot point. It still leaves me speechless.

The plot twist is that Scarlett Johansson is the brain of the Japanese girl Motoko Kusanagi in the body of a white person.

The peak of the absurdity is that they even cast a Japanese actress as Motoko for a flashback, but you never see her face.

The movie ends with Johannson standing in front of Motoko Kusanagis grave, being hugged by her Japanese mother. What the fuck.

So if this is really supposed to be the start of a franchise, it starts with literally killing the Japanese origins of the story.

They cut the scene where Johansson kisses a woman, shown in the trailer. It's noteable because there's an (implied) male love interest.

They also almost completely cut out Togusa, played by Chin Han. He's barely an extra but it feels like his role was bigger at some point.

And then there's also a transphobic joke... in a science fiction movie where robot people are fully accepted.

There needs to be a lot of discussion following this film but I worry that it'll be hindered by the fear of openly talking about "spoilers".
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When did Game of Thrones jump the shark?
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What is the best way to differentiate /tv/ from nu-/tv/?
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