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MST3K or Joe Bob Briggs

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Which B-movie marathon are you going to be watching on Thanksgiving: The new season of MST3K, or the Joe Bob Briggs?
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Whats your actual non meme opinion on this?
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Check for.. ugh.. millipedes.
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yo I have a girl coming over this weekend she really loves those Jane Austin type flicks. Whats a good one of them costume things that a man can like too, maybe with some swords fights. or some nasty zingers.
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What are some movies where pretty girl born in 2000 has to star in interracial porn to pay for her dying father's medical operation?
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I kinda enjoyed this movie to be honest. Liked it much better than 2001: Space Odyssey which I think is just as garbage as Blade Runner. I don't understand why people like those so much. They're worse than Star Trek and Planet of the Apes combined. BL It wasn't on par with a CW Orange or FMJ but definitely good.
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>I borrowed one of your shirts, anon. Hope you don't mind.
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>bad guys name is Sauron
>second in command name is Sauronman