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Hogwarts seems amazing. What would you do on your days off? I'd bond with a Hippogriff and ride around on its back over the great lake, laughing at all the plebs buzzing around on shitty broomsticks.
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was it autism?
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>multi-million dollar production with tons of advertising and celebrities
>gets as many views as a pewdiepie youtube video

What went wrong?
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The best part about this movie was the very brief young jack flashback. They should have made a prequel instead of curse of the black pearl remix number 4.

Oh yeah and javier bardem was cool that's about it.
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BASED CAMERON, MY BODY IS FUCKING READY! If he can sober up Michael Biehn and Furlong this is definitely going to the most kino film since Avatar!
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Halloween Kino

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>We can't track him, sir. He has no friends from school and all the teachers vaguely remember him. Some students who faintly remember him thought he was weird or 'special'.
>He's a godamn ghost
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/got/ general

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Based Jon thread edition
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Dave Bautista>The Rock

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Reminder that Dave is superior in almost every way.
>Better actor
>Better comedic timing
>Can actually show emotion other than ''smug grin'' and ''constipated smug grin''
>Not butthurt about his projects not getting enough attention
>Actually looks like he'd have a beer with you
>Probably would have a beer with you
>His wife doesn't have a ratface
Prove me wrong
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