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my little sister said that she is going to watch star wars only bc anakin and kylo are hot

Why are women like this?
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Vin Diesel is definitely homosexual right?
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Who are the best final girls in horror?
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Well, UFOs are real now I guess.
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Terry Silver

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Why was this man villainized to such an absurd degree? Because he helped an old war buddy he felt indebted to fuck with the kid who ruined his business over thirty years ago? Everyone else gets redemption arcs and becomes BFFs with Danny boy, but Terry is treated as the devil, and somehow worse than the guy who kept bringing him into all the shit. Running a successful, growing business which teaches kids to not be pussies doesn't make him a supervillain. He may have done some questionable things, but that was only in response to Daniel relentlessly targeting him and not resting until he destroyed his life.
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Why did this supposed machiavellian genius ignore the Targaryen siblings for so long, even after receiving news about the hatched dragons?
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Discuss this movie please, just watched it today but I'm not sure if I should like it because I haven't seen it discussed in here.
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>even the chuds like it
How do we cope?
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/tv/ humor thread
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>hurr durr a watched pot never boils but i watch pot and it boils!!
How the hell was this stupid ass thing ever let into Starfleet
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