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It's a Carla's a megabitch episode.
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/lbg/ - Letterboxd General

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Talk About Griffith Get Shot Edition

Previous thread: >>83227701

>Not sure what letterboxd is all about?
The mission of /lbg/ is to promote the intelligent discussion of film as art by providing members with opportunities for intellectual discussion, by recognizing patrician taste through examinations and by calling out embryos as they arise.

>Directions for use
Post profiles and discuss what you have recently watched, if you dare.

>Haven't got an account? Follow this link and sign up today!

Bruce Melvin dies, replaced by Randy Melvin
Thread dies, replaced by this one

Use >>>/tv/lbg as a link to find the /lbg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Patricians occasionally read these generals and have posted here before.
>Patricians may pretend to be normal users asking for recommendations and when you recommend something, they laugh at you for your plebian taste
>This is a thread for patrician purposes only don't offer or expect frivolous discussion.

Action or drama movies?
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Leave capekino to me
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This man is the single greatest movie reviewer and analyser of our lifetime.

How does this make you feel?
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Childs is the thing
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any good movies with strong female leads that arent capeshit?
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What did they mean by this
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What was the most gratuitous scene in cinematic history?
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>your friend while you're watching your favorite movie
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Commercials You Hate

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>"Alexa, dim the lights..."

Is she gonna fuck the dog?