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What's the best movie about the American civil rights movement?
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So, is he dead?
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>Hugh Jackman
>is a jacked man

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>It's another "anon eats breakfast at the gas station because his sleeping schedule is fucked" episode
Isn't this getting a bit cliche now? Isn't this enough?
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/got/ cersei /ourgal/ edition

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Anyone who finds this enjoyable is a sociopath.
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Hey /tv/, my gf is in the shower and wants to watch a movie when she gets out.

What should we watch?

Pic unrelated
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/bb/ Big Brother 19

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Ian edition
Live Eviction Thursday @ 9PM EST

HOH: Jessica
Veto: Jessica
Nominations: Ramses, Josh
Temptation: Jessica has the power to stop one of the next 3 evictions
Curse: TBD

previously on /bb/
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Is the banking industry more powerful than the Entertainment industry
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is this the most anti-capitalist movie of the last 20 years?
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