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Westworld fallout

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is Nolan /ourguy/?
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Are any 21st century movie characters iconic?

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I'm talking huge and culturally significant. Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or Luke Skywalker.

Pic related might not be popular enough.

Capeshit doesn't count.
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Is Emma Watson overrated?
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What makes a fucking good horror film in your opinion?

Dread atmosphere? weird visuals? Storytelling? Jumpscares? Sound (or perhaps lack of?)

Seems to me most horror nowadays is just ooky spooky demon shenanigans/jumpscares (western) or vengeful spirit stuff (asian).
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Deadpool 2

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>Hi Wade!<
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How is it that the American adaptation of a British story is substantially better than the British adaptation and one of the best adaptions of said material?
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Why did Gandalf want "just tea, thank you"
Why didn't he accept Bilbo's generous offer of a few bottles of the Old Winyard (1296 - very good year) or raspberry jam or apple tart? What a discourteous old fucking faggot
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Friendly reminder that Brent Spiner recorded a song that plays during Nemesis, it confirms that B4 never gets his mind back. Pic is evil data
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