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what is this expression trying to convey?
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>that kid who enjoyed coen brothers movies
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"Every night she'd drink me under the table...

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And I'd eat her out when I was down there.

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Directors who have never made a good movie
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What was this in response to?
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Do you expect Camila Morrone (Pacino's stepdaughter/DiCaprio's girlfriend) to eventually get Oscar-tier roles?
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Why did Kubrick sperg out over not having 100% control over Spartacus when it was a fucking good film?
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why is Marvel so based?
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Star Wars Celebration 2019

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This was just Officially shared. You guys excited??
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What went wrong bros?

He was still based up until copland/heat/casino/ronin/jackie brown then seemingly gave up and turned complete shit overnight, not a single redeeming acting choice afterwards

The good shepherd was great, he could have just kept going, like clint and transition to retirement / directing with dignity

He could have been remembered as the absolute goat but now he's forever tainted by 20 years of pure garbage that makes you forget his superb work for peak leone, coppola, scorsese etc just so his dumb negro wife could buy more shoes?
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