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Any good movies about fascism (corporatism)?
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IT'S UP!!!!!

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When did south park stop being cool?
Who/what is to blame?
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When the new Ghostbusters comes, you will be participating when she busts on the big screen again?
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Twitter always cries about animation not being treated seriously yet they always mention the same fucking american animated movies for children as the "proof" animation is cinema, like MegaMind, Kung Fu Panda, Spider-Verse.
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you will now remember cirque du freak
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Masterson found GUILTY, faces life in prison

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>Actor Danny Masterson has been found guilty of drugging and raping two women.

after the guilty verdict was read, Masterson was immediately grabbed by cops and thrown into a jail cell

>The judge ordered Masterson - who had been free on $3.3million bail since his arrest three years ago - to be taken into custody and scheduled a hearing for August 4 where his attorneys will argue for bail to be reinstated.

>Immediately after Judge Olmedo announced she was remanding the actor, a sheriff's bailiff pulled his arms behind his back and handcuffed him.

>And a posse of about 10 Scientology friends and family - including actor Billy Baldwin who is married to Bijou's half-sister Chynna Phillips - watched in shock as he was led away to the cells.

>The 47 year-old Scientologist looked stunned as jurors delivered their unanimous verdicts on two of the three charges, which came six months after a different jury in his first trial couldn't reach verdicts on any of the same charges.

>His wife, actress Bijou Phillips - who had been at his side throughout the four-week trial at criminal court in downtown Los Angeles - burst out crying as the jury of seven women and eight men gave their verdicts and was asked by Judge Charlaine Olmedo to 'maintain her composure' or go outside.
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Who's the best looking Bruce Wayne?
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