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walking dead

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Has he been packing up ? He seems to have more guns now than in the season 6 finale
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Is Only God Forgives a masterpiece? Why am I the only one that loves this movie?
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>never heard of this before
>see trailer
>"oh hey this looks cool"
>future-punk-ish dystopian world
>"hey maybe netflix has finally made some-"
>takes an immediate hard left into feminist propaganda

Why are misleading trailers not restricted or even remotely regulated?
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The Expanse

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Is our beltaloda actually alive with the waifu on Venus ?
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what the fuck were they thinking
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Did no one notice the best part of Rogue One was the beginning?
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How do you sit while watching movies?
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Just watched the first two episodes, the pilot was great but literally nothing happened in episode 2 except the bathtub melting. What the hell? Seems a little early in the series for a filler episode. Please tell me the rest of it is good.
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Reminder that this movie was made.
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Just saw this. Ask me anything.