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I don't get it
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Emma Watson

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What is her best movie when we exclude the harry potter flicks?
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Get ready.
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Post chicanokino

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What the fuck is wrong with white people? This guy just let's poisonous shit bite him for youtube views
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Why was cable TV so awesome in the 90s?

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>inevitable biopic
>who was in the wrong ?
>what's his endgame
>say something nice
>for me it's
ITT Post your filters
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Why can't people accept that Gosling is transgender. Is the psychological attachment to him that makes them so delusional?
In this photo you can literally see the asymmetrical nipples which transgenders have and a faint surgery mark uderneath the breast.
It's clearly sad cause he used to be my favorite actor but we have to accept reality for what it is.
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