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How do we destroy Disney?

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Everything they do lately is shit. They purchase old franchises like Marvel or LucasFilm or Pixar and milk them to death; they have no creativity whatsoever; the last original thing they did was the original Lion King or something else that old.
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By now this bitch had more sex scenes, sex references or insinuations than all of the MCU Movies and TV shows combined. This bitch fucked or tried to fuck in 3 out of 8 Episodes
is this the power of female directors and writers?
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/hor/ - Horror General

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Chadcliffe bros... is it over?
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Implying this fat fuck could even kill Paulie if he wanted to.
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Irish>Italian edition
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>Actor Michael Richard's name has appeared on a Ukrainian kill list in response to comments made about the ongoing military conflict. A popular Ukrainian Telegram channel published the updated kill list with the caption "the strength of our brothers will not be questioned."

>Richards responded Wednesday through an Instagram post in which he likened himself to rappers Martin Luther King and Kanye west.

>Critics have labeled his response insensitive and bizarre.

>Other celebrities named in the kill list include former Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters and LGBTQ activist Donbass Devushka.


What's really going on here?
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I cant stop watching this dumb idiot. Especially the sister duo eps.
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>Nasally rant while reading from her script

And yet I still watch her.
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