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"Attended the premiere, Blew Orville out of the sky IMHO. " MacFartland on suicide watch

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Search4, a regular of trekbbs had this to say about the Premiere of STD:

Very lucky to be able to attend. Tremendous showing of support from CBS with a number of older series regulars attending including Shatner, Nichols, Frakes and more. Many production people as well. The two-parter was shown.

The crowd was genetically destined to love this iteration of Star Trek ... regardless it was extremely well received. Gorgeous. Interesting. Enough meat to start a debate. Some fireworks. Really interesting start.

Blew Orville out of the sky IMHO.

I can’t say that All-Access is a good idea but this looks to be a show worth watching.
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why is she so bitter on her own show?
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Apparently this movie is shit, but wicked violent. Can someone unlucky enough to have seen it, tell me what the violent scenes were, and if the sex scenes with jlaw is worth seeking out on YouTube once the dvd drops?
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Thoughts on Eugenia Cooney?
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White people should be executed.
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Who is the Slash of Television and Film?
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Have millenials ruined tv?
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'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' Series In The Works At CW

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>Riverdale spinoff focused on Sabrina the Teenage Witch in development at The CW
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What doth life?
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