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Dragon ball cinematic universe

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>Live action Netflix death note
>Hollywood also planning a live action one piece & cowboy bebop Television series
>Lionsgate working on a live action Naruto movie
/tv/ is a Dark & edgy live action Dragon ball Z reboot cinematic made by Hollywood around the corner?
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>movie trailer
>ear shattering fart noise
>full frontal shot of Cthulu rising from the sea with water streaming off of its body
>black screen
>coming 2018

>opening shot is Cthulu rising out of the water
>movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes of Cthulu destroying a city
>ending is Cthulu standing over the leveled city roaring at the sky
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What's her appeal?
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Stargate Origins

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>want a new Stargate story to continue the franchise?
>which story line can be used that has a female lead?
>the origin of the Stargate program

>fuck SGU
>fuck SGA
>fuck new ideas

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LOTR: The 2 Towers

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>it is likely that we go to our doom..THE LAST MARCH OF THE ENTS
>not even one ent dies

uhm..drama queen much?
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What are some 7/10 movies?
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Rise of the Dawn of the War of the Planet of the Apes

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Watching the first movie, I can't help but think of how Caesar would be ashamed at the arrogance and corruption of the apes currently in charge of the government at the time of the original movie.

Yeah I know it was a political statement at the time, but still.
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What was the moral of the story in Taxi Driver?
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Why are there some plots revolved around whether or not a character can say that they love the other character?

This isn't even a problem in real life