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What is the most fucked movie youve ever seen? One where you didnt even think you could finish it or didnt finish it?
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Scarlett Johansson in The Island is one of my all-time favourite performances.
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How did Xena work when other "strong" females failed?
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Wheel of time

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which storylines are going to get cut in the tv series?
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Wonder Woman' set to conquer the box office

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>Wonder Woman" is the most anticipated film of the summer, beating out titles such as "Spider-Man: Homecoming" and the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" installment, an annual survey from ticket-seller Fandango showed this week. Meanwhile, "Wonder Woman" is also one of the most talked-about movies on social media.


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Is Fassbender's career over?

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bomb after bomb after bomb, it looks like he's box office poison. I'm a fan of his work but Alien: Covenant might be the last straw
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How did he fit down the toilet?
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