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Kirk Is a Jerk Edition
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actors with balls
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How Rotten Tomatoes Screwed Over 'Justice League'

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>Yes, there is going to be a lot of talk about what went wrong with the opening weekend reception of Justice League, and at least some of the blame lies with the poor reception of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, as well as the lackluster reviews and the choice to make the film into some de-facto copy of The Avengers. But there is one odd factor that deserves a moment of discussion, and that is how Rotten Tomatoes, and the media in covering Rotten Tomatoes, black-flagged the WB release just before the release date.

>I don’t know to what extent Fandango deserves blame for what transpired. The very autonomy that they were exercising was no better or worse than a studio-imposed embargo that has been par for the course for as long as any of us have been doing this, and even if they expected the reaction they have a right to exploit mass stupidity. But a big chunk of the responsibility is with the media who peddled conspiracy theories and once again treated the Tomatometer (which is merely the percentage of participating critics who rate a given film a “positive” – or 6/10 rating) as a kind of movie critic Hogwarts sorting hat.

>No matter who deserves blame, the end result is that Justice League became a victim of a reactionary, clickbait media culture that immediately pounced on the notion that the film was so terrible that Time Warner Inc. was pressuring one of its companies to hide the film’s critical consensus from the public. Never mind that A Bad Moms Christmas got the same treatment and never mind that WB’s big movie looked noticeably worse because of the manufactured controversy. Fair or not, Warner Bros. Justice League got screwed by Rotten Tomatoes via a decision that WB played no part in, as well as the clickbait media that happily played along in presuming the worst.

Do you agree /tv/?
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What did Spoderman see in her?
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/stg/-Stranger Things General

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The Turbochad edition
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This is just getting embarrassing now.
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