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Why is this horrid creature allowed to have a career while Daisy Ridley disappeared?
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Why do Actors always have their mouths agape?

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Is this an acting thing? Theater school? Men do it too.
Models do it for photoshoots, is that where they picked it up?

Every scene, doesn't matter what they do, they have their mouths open.

Who's the worst offender?

Mouthbreathers get fucked
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Hellraiser 2022

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How is the new hellraiser lads?
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Elisha Cuthbert used to be one of the hottest names in Hollywood, what happened?
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was he right?
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This shit still haunts me. Varro deserved better. At least that little shit and his family got their just desserts.
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>Mr. Harrigan's Phone

I liked it. But it's not a full-on horror film. It's more of a coming-of-age film with some supernatural/ghost elements. I was expecting a full-on supernatural/ghost film but I still enjoyed it. Mainly because Jaeden Martell is relentlessly handsome. Dean is also relentlessly handsome.
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Does this guy ever go up and tell any actual jokes? Or is everything stage comedians do now "crowd work"? I don't find it funny whatsoever - not that I have ever really found stand-up comedy very funny; what am I missing?
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If a show was released today where a disabled girl dominated 90% of fights she was in, was never a love interest to anyone, and actually taught the male protagonist 25% of his combat skillset, you chuds would call it woke propaganda.

Anyway, her name is Toph.
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