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Reminder that this actually happened
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>hey john thanks for coming on please have a seat
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I don't want to hear your opinion on it.

I don't want to hear some whiney youtuber's or kotaku writer's opinion on it.

What is RIAN JOHNSON'S justification for no one in the Star Wars never using relativistic weapons until the year 34 ABY
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wtf i love goblinas now

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/ffg/ - Found Footage General

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Featured film: Chronicle

Previously: >>108816973

What is found footage? Found footage consists of feature length movies, shorts, or webseries designed to have the look and feel of actual (non-fictional) filmed events that were lost and subsequently discovered and made available to the viewer. That is why it is the most creative subgenre ever to exist, with over 700 movies and counting!



Conversation starters for newbies:
>What is your favorite found footage film?
>What found footage film are you looking forward to?
>What is your idea for the perfect found footage film?


a) Download Sources from best (1) to worst (5)

1) Private Torrents (PTP, CG, and THC are the best for FF and THC is easy to join)
2) Private Usenet accounts (Get these from private torrents and private piracy forums)
3) Public Usenet (use Binsearch, get a free usenet account, slow but it works)
4) Public Torrents (use BTDB, torrentz2, zooqle, rarbg)
5) Public and private DDL (warez-bb, filehosts)

b) Streaming sites have quite a few. Type in google "[name of movie] 123movies"

c) Amazon Prime has a lot of them if you already have an account.

d) Ask /ffg/ for the ones you can't find using above methods. Remember to archive the rare ones for your fellow FF fans!

e) Here's a still-evolving pastebin of FF movies you can watch on Youtube. These are NOT recommendations!
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For me... It's Godzilla

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*arrives at Wakanda*
Ahhh... niggers...
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/bb/ Celebrity Big Brother 2

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HOH - Ryan
Veto - TBD
Nominations - Tom, Mooch, Jonathan

feeds start tonight after episode airs on the west coast
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Is bill green one of the best cartoon dads atm?
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Ok so what the fuck is up /tv/ I had a bit to drink and a couple adderalls earlier today for lunch and decided to sit down and watch Infinity War and like. Holy shit. This is the most meta movie in existence. This isn't just a superhero movie. This is a movie *about Disney*. This movie is about the exact studio that produced this movie, and it's not a positive outlook.

Fucking think about it. Thanos has traveled across the universe, for years, to collect all the infinity stones. He thinks he'll be a benevolent force, but he still wishes to make decisions for everyone across the entire universe. He intends to do so by collecting infinity stone after infinity stone, until he has them all in the palm of his hand (or right outside the palm of his hand), controlling everything. Disney just fucking buys up property after property, studio after studio. They bought Marvel. They bought Star Wars. They bought fucking Fox. They are scooping up every other major competitor they have. And sure, they may think they're doing so in an attempt to bring entertainment to new audiences. But they still have control, they still make sure everything that happens is under their control, and in line with their philosophies.

I'll explain more, I will, but 4chan post text character limits are ABYSMALLY low

Part 1 of ?
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