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Isn't that the question of the day?
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do you watch Colbert?
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>it's a there was nothing wrong with the plane the pilot was just a retard episode
These episodes piss me off so much.
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Behind the scenes
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Daisy Ridley has only been doing voice over since TROS

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How is this possible. Her voice is the only thing worse than her acting.
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Why the fuck did YouTube feel the need to censor this?
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>most faithful to the books
>best bond girl
>best bond villain
>best bond ally
>best theme song
>most kino ending shot

"B-but it's a Bourne ripoff!!"
Yes. It borrows the one aspect of Bourne that was good and puts it in an actually compelling movie.

When you did realise that CR (2006) was the best film in the franchise? Literally the only flaw it has is in the final poker scene when he slowrolls a straight flush and then tips the dealer. The director has admitted this mistake. Besides that it's a practically flawless action movie.
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Fun trivia

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Tariq Nasheed hates this movie because he thinks it makes black people look bad
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