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>"let me tell you about the biggest treasure of them all"

>"what am i for you?"
>"a treasure"

>whole story is about how salazar wants his revenge by killing/torturing jack by himself
>sets the zombie sharks free to kill jack

>no man can read this map
>but a woman can

>to break the have to break the trident.

>le drunk rum pirate jokes

holy shit
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This bitch is sexy
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War Film

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Memorial Day
What's the best war film to watch with your dad?

WWI, WWII, Crusades, Civil, doesn't matter
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/tv/ weapons

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>"okay so the main character is a biker tha-..."
>"got'ya covered, champ"
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You're on the toilet and you see this thing come in through your bathroom window, what do you do?
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ITT: your commercial waifu
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When someone rolls 88 itt you're gonna see some serious shit
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The Place Beyond The Pines is stylistic trash with no substance terrible plot/character development and for the most part subpar acting. Eva Mendes was terrible. Any other thoughts?
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What are the best feelbad movies out there?
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