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- The Batman - Ben confirmed to star in & any sequels that follow.
- The Batman - Is a adaption of Court of Owls or the serious toned sympathetic Tas version of Mr Freeze.
- Man of Steel 2 - Is directed by Brad Bird, Denis Villeuneve or Gareth Edwards.
- Mos2 - Whoever directs is not allowed to remake/rehash or notably homage the Donner films at all.
- Mos2 - The Zimmer score is used and expanded on. The Williams score is not used at all.
- Dceu - We keep the same Superman suit we have had in the Dceu so far for all future appearances.
- Dceu - They don't hold back on sexualizing Harley, Catwoman & Ivy in Birds of Prey/Gotham City Sirens/Suicide Squad 2.
- Flashpoint - Is fully canceled, there is no upside to this film being made. (no need for retcons after superman's positive reception in JL, aquaman vs wonder woman would just be more "darkness" audiences & critics have made clear that they don't want, would make all future flash films feel like a major step down in scale & scope)
- A Boba Fett movie gets made with a dark western noir style similar to Sicario/Blade Runner 2049.
- The Predator - Is not notably comedic.
- Godzilla KOM - Is closer in tone to Godzilla (2014) then Kong Skull Island but strongly ups the monster screen time compared to 2014.
- True Detective S3 - Is a major improvement over 2 (I say that as someone who liked 2 a reasonable amount)
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I plan on watching this weekend. Where does this rank amongst mafia movies?
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I like the concept but who the fuck would watch this shit? Wow, I can finally watch a man eat, go to work, shit and sleep!
Also, they must've invested about a billion dollars for the studio and actors. I don't get it.
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Am I the only one who really enjoyed this movie?
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Fucked up movies

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Let's talk about shocking and disgusting movies. I don't care if they're for edgelords.
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“I’m putting together a team...”
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Classic actress thread.
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Is this accurate, /tv/?
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oh yeh?
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