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What are some classic movies that every man of taste has seen? Especially ones that are darker in theme, but others too. I'm just "getting into" film and I need recs please.
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How do you go from this?

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“It has been weird and kind of hard to get out of bed, but Lenny helps us through that and we’re now working on a new show” Konner, 46, told reporters.

“We’re back in business,” Dunham, 31, added.

Asked about what viewers can expect from the new show, Dunham was pretty tight-lipped.

“We can’t say anything right now except that you’ll definitely see some more awkward situations and people showing their darker selves,” she said.
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Ray Donovan

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What is this characters problem?
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Does /tv/ know of any kino with this vibe?
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Actors you believe will make a strong comeback
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>no one talking about Kingsmen 2 being a failure
damn... this actually makes me sad, I was looking forward to this
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ITT: Actor or Actress impossible to hate

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