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Set mind to purpose on posting in a Spartacus thread
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Why are they setting up Based Euron to be a baddie for no reason like they did with stannis, just because he's masculine? He's literally /our guy/ so (((they))) have to take him down a notch and you know how humiliating his death scene will be coz of stronk wimmenz
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Daily reminder if your favorite director isn't in this list you're a fucking pleb.

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01. Robert Bresson
02. John Cassavetes
03. Jean-Luc Godard
04. Chris Marker
05. Michelangelo Antonioni
06. Chantal Akerman
07. Claire Denis
08. Rainer Werner Fassbinder
09. Abbas Kiarostami
10. Ingmar Bergman
11. Philippe Garrel
12. Yasujiro Ozu
13. Andrei Tarkovsky
14. Apichatpong Weerasethakul
15. Philippe Grandrieux
16. Werner Herzog
17. Tsai Ming-liang
18. Luis Buñuel
19. Stan Brakhage
20. Maya Deren
21. Carl Theodor Dreyer
22. Jean Eustache
23. Hou Hsiao-Hsien
24. Wong Kar-wai
25. Sergei Parajanov
26. Maurice Pialat
28. Béla Tarr
29. Kôji Wakamatsu
30. Pedro Costa
31. Vera Chytilová
32. Víctor Erice
33. Michael Haneke
34. Alfred Hitchcock
35. Jean Renoir
36. Alain Resnais
37. Jacques Tourneur
38. Agnès Varda
39. Jean Vigo
40. Frans Zwartjes
41. Andrzej Zulawski
42. Nathaniel Dorsky
43. James Benning
44. Lav Diaz
45. Bruno Dumont
46. Zack Snyder
47. Howard Hawks
48. Ken Jacobs
49. Fritz Lang
50. Ernst Lubitsch
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So what was the point of this scene again?
>Fires a tracker onto the truck
>Decides to attack the truck anyway
>Could have just waited to see where the truck goes and then steal the kryptonite
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Was his movie any good?
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>Never, never gonna give you up
>I'm never, ever gonna stop

Will based Hamm get better roles after Baby Driver?
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I unironically love him and all his shows, AMA
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