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His last episode...

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before he surrendered in France... Rest in Peace Anthony, you well deserved it T_T i will surely miss pirating your episode on Sunday mornings...
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Hay gar....its art...dont feel so good today..hehehe...sorry man, ill come in tommora...ehehe..
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What went right?
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Is her new show actually good?
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What went wrong?

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“The most dangerous creature that ever walked the earth”
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Just watched all the Thors. Some questions?

- Why is Dark World so disliked? It's just like Thor 1.
- Are the Warriors Three supposed to be likable? I can't imagine any kid buying an action figure of one.
- Why don't they put Kat Dennings' character in other MCU movies? Like she could be studying astral phenomena and bump into Marvel Girl or something.