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Took her to the bathroom of Silver Ball. Got through playing. I said “Listen, cunt: Today ain’t yo day!” She said “What did I do?” I said “Bitch, you got some siblings and I don’t like it!” She tried to make up for it, sucking my dick a little bit. I was like “Bitch, that feel good but it ain’t enough!” She took it to the new level, started jacking me off while she was sucking my thing. I got a nut. Yeah, I got a nut, so?! Got done with getting my dick wet told her that I wanted some pussy now. She was like “Wait, I just sucked your dick and you just nutted!” I was like “If you sass me one more time, bitch I’ll kill you and your little brothers.” She said “Okay.”
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ITT: Commercial kino.

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Cast it

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I also want to use the excuse to talk about how it can be adapted.
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>they went for an R rating not to represent gore and death from the atom bombing but for sex and frontal nudity
Here comes another pretentious snoozefest with softcore porn for elderly women.
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>be me
>both parents teachers
>want me to be one too
>ok mom and dad
>continuously fail local teacher's exams
>finally pass but my reputation gets around
>schools dont hire me
>students book me as a tutor
>can't decide on another career
>drift around
>become poorfag
>literally run out of money
>try to steal food from walmart
>get arrested
>sitting in holding cell
>reflect on my life
>mfw never made it as a wise man
>mfw couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing
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Is he gonna get replaced by Miles Morales?
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Best satirical comedy I have ever seen.
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write the ending to the inevitable biopic
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