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>"dude its the greatest film of all time"
>"in my top 3 of all time"
>"just watch it you will love it"
>"a masterpiece"
>"cinemas greatest work"
>actually watch it
>its shit
wasnt expecting that tbfh
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This is Worf.
Let's talk about him.
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What are some spooky woods kino? Stuff that activates the primal survival parts of the brain, strange noises at night, lost in in the dark, anything could be out there.
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What went so right?
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After recently rewatching Beverly Hills Cop for the umpteenth time, I wonder why don't movies have original songs in written for them anymore.

For that matter why don't TV shows have actual theme songs written for them? It's always some bullshit 10 second jingle then straight to the show.
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thoughts on my daughter's drawings /tv/?