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Dadth Vader isn't a villian. Is Star Wars the gayest fucking thing or what
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*blocks theater entrance*
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Holy fucking shit, this was fucking kino.

As always /tv/ with shit taste didn't discuss about it.
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Alone again? Well I hope you enjoy Baywatch
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>Remember Highlander. Remember your home. Another galaxy. You were chosen. Remember?

>Yes! Yes, I remember! The beginning. 500 years ago. On the planet Zeist!

What was your reaction to this?
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Rita aint done with Tommy yet.

Probably shouldnt have cut his suit in to pieces for quick cash.
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Don't mind me, i'm just pirating this pizza.
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What did Jaden Smith mean by this?
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Anyone else slightly admire this type of living?

>Last night I got really drunk and smoked a bunch of dope till 5 in the morning

No where else really can you just get drunk as fuck and smoke outside near a bunch of holmes really unless you live in the ghetto (which the trailer park kinda is). It just seems like they have a bunch of fun fucking around with each other and getting fucked up every day even though they're poor.

Anyone else live in one of these?