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>scared, Caesar?
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Fun trivia

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Tariq Nasheed hates this movie because he thinks it makes black people look bad
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/HOR/ - Horror General

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Killer furniture edition
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It is worth to watch?
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Yes this is owen wilson

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Which one do you think is objectively the worst and why? For me it's Episode 9 because of the absolutely pants on head retarded plot. Full of retconning and making the previous episode 8 completely fucking pointless. It's like they had no fucking clue what they wanted to do with the series. They didn't even fucking have a basic outline... Holy fuck I hate this franchise so much. These 3 movies ruined decades of my soiboy love for this franchise. Now I know how the gen x boomers felt with the prequels. The prequels are pretty trash, but at least the fucking expanded the lore and brought us to new places. Instead of (not) Tatooine, (not) Endor and (definitely not) Hoth, because it's salt, not snow!! Fuck this gay earth.
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Some good films about hunting serial killers, with horror mixed in?
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>make a sweet Foundation kino thread
>/tv/ immediately dumps on it because it has a few black people in it.

when did we become /pol/? I think I'm legit giving up on this place.
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